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We never got the winter I longed for here in my part of Sweden, which is sad. I wanted to go hiking in the forests with lots of snow … Oh well, maybe next winter I can do that …
      Anyhow, soon after new years I felt a rush of feelings pouring through my mind and body. There’s so much I’d love to do and so little time in a year.

For starters ...

and this is something I’m going to take step one to deal with next week; it’s the problems with my neck. They have become permanent since the car accident last summer. Right now it’s my job that makes my neck constantly hurt because I do the same movements without any changes to them for 8 hours a day. My hope and goal is to have become a gardener before the end of 2018, or at least having signed papers for starting as a gardener in early 2019.

Art ...

Then there’s so much I want to draw and paint, so much I want to become better at (for example: humans, landscapes/backgrounds and more colour practice in different light sources). I also feel a need to draw more frequently – because I feel like I may have lost some of it over the years.
I have some ideas of what to do to pull it off – we’ll see if it works.

Photography ...

I want to feel like everything I photograph is of use and really be like I used to when I was teaching myself about photographing again. I miss the thrill of getting that shot I really sought to get, I miss the joy of memorizing my moments in this life so that I can look back at them and remember what has been. I miss painting with light.
But after I stopped blogging I felt no need to make “finished” photos unless they were for a job or personal project … Now I am torn about blogging, so for starters I am simply going to be inspired by a person I follow here on dA. She made a “photovember” last year and uploaded photos very often throughout all of November. I may not upload photos every day – but often enough to make me regain my need to always put one of my cameras over the shoulder before leaving. Perhaps even bring it up here in my apartment to photograph indoors too.

Sewing ...

I haven’t cosplayed for almost two years now, and barely sewn anything since. But since I also have taken a liking to medieval markets for real – finally! I intend to use all the fabric I have laying about to finish the cosplays I already started with years ago or haven’t started yet. As well as making some proper clothing to wear during the markets.

Archery ... 

I’m going to apply for a beginners course in archery because it’s boring going about it alone. So I’d like to try to make some friends who are into archery too.

Hiking ...

My goal is to go hiking two times a week and bring the cameras along during those trips. One during the weekdays which is a tad shorter and closer to home. Once during the weekend which is a daytrip or so. And this upcoming summer during my vacation I plan on sleeping out in the forest under a star filled sky to gaze up at.

Writing ... 

My last and probably hardest goal for me to uphold, is to get going as an author and get another book published this year. I can admit – writing is the one way to create that I never ever have let go of since I was 11 years old and decided to become an author. I write just about always. What I write is the only thing that changes. But I always write something.

As for what I’d like to get published … The easiest choice would be my book of poetry since I’m just about finished with it. But I am considering that I may go for a story which is the first and so far only one that I intend to write for children. So we shall see, perhaps if I am very productive I might even go for getting both of them published. Partly because I believe no publisher ever will be interested in my book of poetry … Let’s face it – because I have a plan for it which no one of them has seen before and probably wouldn’t want to see. So I just miiiight go ahead and ask some people for advices, go to the printing house that published
my last book and let them print it and do the publishing on my own after that.

Character Development Challenge ...

 I have made a personal version of “CAAA – Character Development Challenge” which some people at CS held back in 2015 and I took part in. They appear to haven’t started that idea since … So when I was looking at the website where I’ve decided to store most of my characters – I realized how old that website has gotten without me grasping it until now.
So I’m going to do my best to write 1000 words about every character that I didn’t do it for back then.

Family ...

I’d also love to either buy or adopt a snake. I’m going to meet one soonish that I just might adopt if he and I gets along.

And now my wall of text is over and I shall take my leave ...


yours truly


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