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Galari Universe - Beta system tracker

Sat Apr 7, 2018, 12:23 PM

✴ Beta System ✴

System level; 1 | Location; Adastreia
- Galaris can visit the Celestial Forest & artwork/writing will get bonus points.

✹ Inhabitants ✹

Athira   |   Tetho

~ Dust     |     ~ Star
  043 by Galari-Masterlist     093 by Galari-Masterlist
                          Slot type: Bought, flatsale.   |     Slot type: Stellar nursery ~ february 25th

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      Nael   |   Merinah

    ☄ ~ Corrupted Dust     |     ~ Dust                           
              131 by Galari-Masterlist     135 by Galari-Masterlist
           Slot type: Bought, auction.     |     Slot type: Patreon reward (April)

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    ☄ ~ Planet    |     ~ Dust                           
             147 by Galari-Masterlist     172 by Galari-Masterlist
    Slot type: Gifted by Chaosheart, auction.     |     Slot type: Patreon reward (May)

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 ☄Elemental Dust    |
 Slot type: Patreon reward (June)     |

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"I hear the voices, whispering to me. I see the universe, revealing itself before me."

Account Points: 202 | Account Level: 1

✴ Achievements ✴

None so far.

✹ Characters ✹


~ Dust
043 by Galari-Masterlist
Nature: Charmingly shy | Size: Small | Line: C
Uncommon traits: Changed eye colour & face crystals
Slot type: Bought, flatsale.

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~ Star
093 by Galari-Masterlist
Nature: Passionate | Size: Large | Line: C
Uncommon traits: Changed eye colour & face crystals
Slot type: Stellar nursery ~ february 25th

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~ Corrupted Dust
131 by Galari-Masterlist
Nature: Dishonest | Size: Medium | Line: n/a
Uncommon traits: Changed eye colour, spikes and horns
Slot type: Bought, auction.

✺ Solar System ✺

❂ Gallery ❂

Galari batch #1 ~ Let's pretend no one sees us by Vazchu When you find yourself all alone, I'm right here. by Vazchu

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My heart is in your hand by NeoImperia Galari Gathering by AstraGalactica

♦ Log ♦

  • +32 SP for Athira from Astra's drawing ♥
  • +117 AP and +55 SP for Athria because of the illustration of her and Lorus.
            • +20 SP for Athria, from NeoImperia's drawing ♥
        • Upgraded to level 1 using 100 of the points earned.
            • +185 AP and +21 SP for Athira because of the batch of drawings made

  • Listening to: "I'm not nothing" by Beth Crowley
  • Reading: My own stories.
  • Watching: Mahoutsukai no Yome
  • Drinking: Milk

We never got the winter I longed for here in my part of Sweden, which is sad. I wanted to go hiking in the forests with lots of snow … Oh well, maybe next winter I can do that …
      Anyhow, soon after new years I felt a rush of feelings pouring through my mind and body. There’s so much I’d love to do and so little time in a year.

For starters ...

and this is something I’m going to take step one to deal with next week; it’s the problems with my neck. They have become permanent since the car accident last summer. Right now it’s my job that makes my neck constantly hurt because I do the same movements without any changes to them for 8 hours a day. My hope and goal is to have become a gardener before the end of 2018, or at least having signed papers for starting as a gardener in early 2019.

Art ...

Then there’s so much I want to draw and paint, so much I want to become better at (for example: humans, landscapes/backgrounds and more colour practice in different light sources). I also feel a need to draw more frequently – because I feel like I may have lost some of it over the years.
I have some ideas of what to do to pull it off – we’ll see if it works.

Photography ...

I want to feel like everything I photograph is of use and really be like I used to when I was teaching myself about photographing again. I miss the thrill of getting that shot I really sought to get, I miss the joy of memorizing my moments in this life so that I can look back at them and remember what has been. I miss painting with light.
But after I stopped blogging I felt no need to make “finished” photos unless they were for a job or personal project … Now I am torn about blogging, so for starters I am simply going to be inspired by a person I follow here on dA. She made a “photovember” last year and uploaded photos very often throughout all of November. I may not upload photos every day – but often enough to make me regain my need to always put one of my cameras over the shoulder before leaving. Perhaps even bring it up here in my apartment to photograph indoors too.

Sewing ...

I haven’t cosplayed for almost two years now, and barely sewn anything since. But since I also have taken a liking to medieval markets for real – finally! I intend to use all the fabric I have laying about to finish the cosplays I already started with years ago or haven’t started yet. As well as making some proper clothing to wear during the markets.

Archery ... 

I’m going to apply for a beginners course in archery because it’s boring going about it alone. So I’d like to try to make some friends who are into archery too.

Hiking ...

My goal is to go hiking two times a week and bring the cameras along during those trips. One during the weekdays which is a tad shorter and closer to home. Once during the weekend which is a daytrip or so. And this upcoming summer during my vacation I plan on sleeping out in the forest under a star filled sky to gaze up at.

Writing ... 

My last and probably hardest goal for me to uphold, is to get going as an author and get another book published this year. I can admit – writing is the one way to create that I never ever have let go of since I was 11 years old and decided to become an author. I write just about always. What I write is the only thing that changes. But I always write something.

As for what I’d like to get published … The easiest choice would be my book of poetry since I’m just about finished with it. But I am considering that I may go for a story which is the first and so far only one that I intend to write for children. So we shall see, perhaps if I am very productive I might even go for getting both of them published. Partly because I believe no publisher ever will be interested in my book of poetry … Let’s face it – because I have a plan for it which no one of them has seen before and probably wouldn’t want to see. So I just miiiight go ahead and ask some people for advices, go to the printing house that published
my last book and let them print it and do the publishing on my own after that.

Character Development Challenge ...

 I have made a personal version of “CAAA – Character Development Challenge” which some people at CS held back in 2015 and I took part in. They appear to haven’t started that idea since … So when I was looking at the website where I’ve decided to store most of my characters – I realized how old that website has gotten without me grasping it until now.
So I’m going to do my best to write 1000 words about every character that I didn’t do it for back then.

Family ...

I’d also love to either buy or adopt a snake. I’m going to meet one soonish that I just might adopt if he and I gets along.

And now my wall of text is over and I shall take my leave ...


yours truly


I am here

Thu Aug 10, 2017, 11:51 AM
  • Listening to: My playlist "everything", mostly "The Veer Union"
  • Reading: A game of thrones
  • Watching: Game of Thrones and Det okända1
  • Eating: Painkillers and cupcake
  • Drinking: Water
I am here, I say after being gone for what? One year? A few years? I lost count :blush:
This time I mean it that I'm gonna try to change it for the better. :happybounce: 

So what has happened over the years?

Uhm ... I guess I'm no longer in a relationship and haven't been for a very long time now. But there's someone I like a lot even so. :La: in Love with :Dummy: 
I've visited places and started hiking in the woods, good for the health you know, that's what you start to worry about when you get old. :excited: 
Got a job, not a permanent one so far ... But one can pray I will get that soonish... Dancing :la: 
I own two cars, which I suppose no one here knows since the last time I wrote in my journal was 2013. :heartemote: 
I have been writing a lot, which is pretty much my main way to create these days, I am a writer after all. :writer: 
Then I also took my interest for history to the next level this year and started visiting medieval markets, but I pretty much haven't been to a convention for two years now.
I have bought a sword, yes, an actual sword for fightingLink La  And during the last medieval market I bought a longbow, so I'm gonna start with archery. :archer: 

I'm gonna move to my own place in September. Omg it's less than a month left! Packing for Meh Holiday 

A tad unsure, I took the step to make one of my personal species into an adoptable species on CS during my vacation; scary as hell is the least I can say.
But fun nonetheless. :squee:

Oh and of course, among the most important things. Ten days ago I celebrated ten years with one of my stories!! 10th BirthdAy Bounce :happydance: :TheClap:  It's insane, I was a kid, had a vision ...

Started writing ... And kept writing ... Got so caught ... And now I have known those people I met in that forest for ten long years, almost half my life.
It's so insane, having characters I've known for half my life and I have no idea who I would be if I hadn't met them back then and if I hadn't kept growing with them. :heart:

Right now I have vacation for another few days. Or well, it was supposed to be this week out ...

But I got hit by a car on my way home from a day of hiking and photographing last Monday (yup, I'm back to photographing too!  ) ...
So it's not much of a vacation right now to be fair, since I spend every waking and sleeping hour of the day in pain. Headache New 
And nah, it wasn't my fault the accident happened. I'm not the one who uses the phone while driving, young people are.
I'm too old for liking phones *chough*  ... Yes ... Okai ... I have phones ... But that doesn't mean I like them. :blush:
Nor do I use them while driving. I've been strictly against that ever since I got my driving licence. :la:

So yah, I'm not allowed to work for another week after this one, thanks to some kid who was more interested in who texted him than the cars around himself. :happybounce:
But I've kinda decided to try anyway, I'm gonna go and talk to my boss tomorrow about it to see what he thinks. :happybounce: Because I'm tired of being home now and wanna work. :happybounce: 

And no, don't worry, I didn't break anything. :shuffelin: Just some damage to my muscles and a state of shock (which I didn't get any help to deal with, so I still can't sleep at night):nuu:

But yas I hope y'all are good!

:excited: :happybounce:

vaz is out
I am EMOte:waves: V4 

Cour + MS paint + Image ready CS

Sun Mar 4, 2012, 3:36 AM
  • Listening to: Hammerfall - Dia de los muertos
  • Reading: L change the world
  • Watching: Ao no exorcist
  • Eating: Soup
I've had my image ready CS for just as many years that I've had my photoshop CS. However, I haven't even bothered with trying to understand it before. Today I gave it my first real try and I actually came around to save a picture in it.
It's my first time to even try to sprite something before... So it may look quite bad. I must say, for me it was as good as impossible to sprite with my tablet, so I did it with my computer mouse instead (lol, it's like I've become more attached to it than my tablet now). Anyway, I guess that everyone needs a lot of practice with everything and now I just hope that it didn't turn out all too bad.

Here it is;


Other than that, I hope that you all are doing fine. I for one feel like I'm quite alive for once. I've a lot of things to do at the moment, so there's no time to spare for rest. And I really like to have a lot to do for once, it's my choice this time and not the school.
Next up on my list for today is to finish eating my soup and then go out to practice driving that stupid car of ours. After that I'll try to fix my tablet and clean up some here in my room. And after that, what should I do, I wonder... Maybe I'll draw a little, I've a request to make as soon as possible, and at the same time I've something else to make and those two other drawings to finish.

~See you around and be well!

Character tagging-thingy - Cour

Mon Apr 11, 2011, 11:01 AM
I was tagged by :iconcudo215: (again, lol ^^)

You need to:
- Tell 9 previously unpublished facts about your character.
- Tag 8 other characters.
- Put their names with avatars of their creators.
- You can tag me back, until my characters are gone.

And now I'm supposed to tell you 9 things about Cour... It won't be too hard, I haven't told anything of interest yet when it comes to him (and the others). And with a lot of luck I may not spoil all too much for you if I ever decide to tell you the story about him and his friends.

1. He has magical powers, but he's not aware of them. Why? Well, it's easy. No one had time to tell him (nor teach him how to use them) before they all disappeared.

2. He lives in a world called Delau.

3. During the days he's as colourful as any other dragon kind - maybe even more colourful. But during the nights his colors are "taken" from his body and replaced with only black colors (I may as well say that changes when he gets older), you could say that he becomes like the darkness itself during the nights. So now you may get a clue why his kind are called "colourful darkness dragons".

4. His parents abandoned him when he was quite young (at least that's what he thinks - I know the truth... maybe I should tell him why they left him?).

5. He loves water. Yes, he isn't a water dragon at all, but he still loves water as much as he loves the high mountains.

6. Adventures is what he wants to find, that's why he seeks after new ones when he's not busy (playing ^^).

7. He has a secret (maybe more than one, lol, I haven't asked how many secrets he has). He looks up to Ryonadri and wants to become just like him when he's older. And he also wishes that Ryonadri was his brother.

8. He likes music and stories really much, even though he hates to sing and to tell stories himself.

9. He cries every night due to that he misses his parents (even though he barely remember them) and Arice.

Uhmm... And 8 other characters... Hrmm... Ah well... Let's say like this;

:icons1ghtly: - Allan
:iconthemysticwolf: - Mystic
:iconcudo215: - If you have any more characters, that is, I'd love to read about any of them. (:
And I can't come up with anyone else, so those who wants can do this. :3

  • Listening to: Sonata Arctica - Fly with the black Sawn
  • Reading: Lord of snow and shadows
  • Watching: The legend of the Seeker and Martin Mystery
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