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When you find yourself all alone, I'm right here.

Just a quick speedpaint this cloudy Sunday morning.
I needed a break from the lineart and panic with human anatomy, lol.
So right now I find Galaris the most relaxing to draw at times like that.
And for the first time in ages I actually used Photoshop from start to
finish with a drawing, which is strange, I've been living in SAI since I
started using that a few years ago, lol.

This is partly for Athria to answer this month's promt. And partly
because I got so sad about Lorus being bullied, so he needed a hug. :huggle:
And god the picture turned out more sad than what I had planned
for it to do, rip :'c <3

Psst ... Athira has a crush on you, Lorus ... <3

AP; 117 | SP; 55
Hope I counted it right, I did try out the new calculator, but I'm
still bad at judging my own art, lol ... :'D

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Athira belongs to me, vaz.
Lorus and the species belongs to AstraGalactica and Dragonwolf360
- Astra is also the one who designed Lorus and Athira.

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Awww! this is amazing! <33
The background especially! love the lights everywhere : 0

I'm sure that would cheer Lorus up some, he's having a hard time lately, thank you for drawing him! :'D </3
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Iiiiih, I'm so happy to hear you say that <3333 I had so much fun while
I was working with this. <333

I believe little Athira would do just about anything to cheer him up :happybounce: <3
NeoImperia's avatar
Woah how did I miss this :o 
Absolutely stunning use of colors! 
Vazchu's avatar
I don't think you did ;D I posted it just about an hour ago ;D
Thank you, I was just doodling around because my hand hurt form doing too much lineart lately, lol xD
Wuerfelmuffin's avatar
That is beautiful OwO Just beautiful.

Good work!
Vazchu's avatar
Iiihh thank you :hug: <3
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