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Galari batch #1 ~ Let's pretend no one sees us

Lorus; "What are you doing?"
Athira; "Trying to cheer you up :happybounce:"

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Ori; "What is that thing doing here? Should it even be here? Is it a toy? Can I touch it?"
Hubble; *Keeps photographing the universe for mankind, not noticing Ori*
Lol, I got carried away with Ori, sorry. :blush: I just got a vision of him when I first saw his
design and the pose I managed to sketch up for him made me so hyped that I just had to
turn the vision real :blush:

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I'm not sure if I've counted the AP/SP correctly since it's my first time ...
So please correct me if I'm wrong ... :blush: For one thing I haven't taken
the headshot of Athira into account, for I didn't know what to count it as.
And I didn't count Hubble as an interaction for Ori, even tho at least Ori intends
to interact with Hubble. And I didn't know how to deem the small backgrounds I
made for Athria and Lorus, and Ambrosia, so those I have not counted either.
Galaris which are not my own (not counting Ori) - 10x5
Shaded illustration - 10x5
NPC - 15
Interaction (Athira and Lorus) - 10
Personal art - 10x6

Total AP; 185
SP for Athira; 21

And let me know if you guys would like the picture of your Galari seperately; and I shall fix
it for you :la: And in case you don't see yours here; have no fear. I will be drawing more
of them to practice their anatomy and also try to figure out how to make chibis out of them. So
more to come at some point :squee:

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The Galaris are a closed species belonging to AstraGalactica and Dragonwolf360 ©

belongs to me, vaz.
Lorus and Ori belongs to AstraGalactica (who also designed these beauties)
Andromeda belongs to SnowbaIIs
Cybele belongs to RaptorFeathers
Ambrosia belongs to TheDreamerReality
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© 2018 - 2021 Vazchu
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tysm for drawing my grumpy booper!! I love all the different personalities going on in this pic. You on your way to getting your first star then? 0:
Vazchu's avatar
You're welcome :happyboune: She was so fun and so cute to work with :squee:
I hope so :la: I should have enough AP to get to lvl one now :la: So I'm getting there,
slowly but steadly :happybounce:
AstraGalactica's avatar
Ohh my gosh! These are all so cute! <33
Aww I'm sure that helped Lorus a little bit knowing someone cares <3
And I love the idea of Ori playing with the hubble telescope!! totally something he'd do. XD

Points wise, I think these can count as their own individual illustations, so you can add:
+5 SP if there is a partial or simple scenic background, to the top picture since your character is on that background. x3
You can also count the headshot for another 10 AP for Shaded Illustration, which also counts for shaded bonus for another 8 SP.
Personal art bonus can be applied 6 times in total (So another 50 AP) since these would be counted as individual illustrations!

So your new totals are:
185 AP
21 SP
Vazchu's avatar
Thank you :huggle: <3
Hihi, I hope so, I got so sad when I saw that picture yesterday and
I was like "oh did I forsee the future when I drew them that way
together? :'D"
since I made the sketch last week. (:
Hahaha, me too, I got so carried away with him. :'D He's so cute :'D

Ooooh, okai, thank you for your help with the points :happybounce :huggle:
SnowbaIIs's avatar
ahhh tysm!! i love how you drew all the galaris! ty ty for adding Andromeda
Vazchu's avatar
You're welcome :happybounce: She's so cute :squee:
And iiiih, it makes me so happy to hear that you like it! :huggle:
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