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Space Needle IR

Infrared picture of Space Needle in Seattle, WA
Image details
Image size
2592x3872px 3.36 MB
Shutter Speed
300/10 second
Focal Length
18 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jul 2, 2007, 11:21:45 AM
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Starluscious's avatar
You say infrared, I say snow lol. Or both ;) This is cool. Did you do this all in 1 shot take, or took multiple shots and picked the clearest one? I went inside that thing with my mother and two sisters in 1993/1994. It was amazing.
What?!? This is amazing! Content Aware Scale - Annoyed JonTron Chat Icon 
zzk3's avatar
just another trippy cotton candy day in sea-town, derek
Freebro's avatar
How long did you wait for all the people to move out of the shot? Seeing that you took this around midday.
WillFactorMedia's avatar
Home sweet home. Another great shot, sir. :salute:

Infrared is one area I'd love to get into with my own photography once I have an SLR package. My Nikon P80 is pretty good, best point-and-shoot I've ever seen, but it still lacks the options for additional lenses and HDR photography, granted I could always use Photoshop to manually assemble HDR shots from several different shots.
vazagothic's avatar
Thank you! After I moved here I realized how lucky I was to actually get enough sun to do 30s exposure. Nowadays it's nothing but rain and clouds :D

I've finally converted my old Nikon D80 to an infrared-only camera and now it doesn't really matter if it rains or shines.

With the P80 you may need to do get a good small tripod (if it has the tripod thread) and do manual exposures, but I think it's too much of a hassle to do that on a daily basis.

Even with the D80 I sometimes have to combines two series of bracketed images, as it only allows to take 3 bracketed photos with a maximum of +/- 2 stops of exposure compensation. At least the D700 is an easy camera to do HDR with (9 bracketed photos with maximum of 1 EV).
WillFactorMedia's avatar
Yeah, I've got a tripod for my P80, and I know how to manually assemble HDR, I just haven't yet. I can bracket three photos with a range of up to +/- 2
vazagothic's avatar
What I did with my D80 (and the CityScape HDR) was to set up the camera to -2 EV, then shoot 3 bracketed photos with the range of -1/0/+1. Then change the camera's exposure compensation to +2 and shoot another 3 frames.

In the end you will have 6 frames -3/-2/-1/+1/+2/+3. You can also change the range to +/-2 and set the compensation to -3/+3 :-)

Then just hope you didn't mess the composition while fiddling with the buttons and changing the EV settings :-D
WillFactorMedia's avatar
Ha-ha, yeah; it can get messy if you're not careful doing manual HDRs. I've already seen how that's possible. :D
haius's avatar
It looks surreal. I'm still trying to figure out what this would looks like in visible light...
vazagothic's avatar
I can try looking for the visible light one (I probably took one that day too), but you can easily find them by just typing "Space Needle" in the search on DeviantArt :)
haius's avatar
I was thinking the trees, actually, and the grass. They look like cotton candy and snow. The Space Needle looks pretty much the same here as it does in real life. XD
vazagothic's avatar
That's how (some of the) processed infrared photos look like. You set camera's white balance to foliage making grass, leaves, etc white in the process.
haius's avatar
That is really cool! It's a great effect. :)
AmongTheFirst's avatar
I like infrafred photos. There are some photos of the Kurimoto Japanese Garden in the University of Alberta Devonian Botanical Garden like this.The link is:
ElectricViking78's avatar
This is just way too beatass for its own good. Huzzah!
adriskillphotography's avatar
This is by far the best picture of the Space Needle I have ever seen!
vazagothic's avatar
Thank you :-)

I was just visiting Seattle then .. now I'm here to stay :D
DMPDMP1's avatar
I love that the effect creates a sci-fi perspective, which of course is appropo for the Needle.
marrowbones's avatar
Is this an actuel IR filter? or software? If it is a filter, how strong?
vazagothic's avatar
Hoya R72 filter - 30 seconds exposure with Nikon D80 (quite insensitive to infrared light)
kkuffnerphotos's avatar
I just love infrared! This looks awesome :) Puts an 'everyday' picture in a new light!
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