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The Dare

By Vaylore
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See what happens next here: Spirits by red-anteater

Here's that Willow comic I mentioned the other day. red-anteater and I talked about a little interaction between Sheke and Willow and this is what happened.

Since her Heartkindle stand, Willow has become more confident interacting with other Wyngrew.  On occasion she will stay up during the day in order to play with the other wynglings in the Nook.  Though most interactions go well, there are hiccups from time to time where small meetings turn rocky and uncomfortable.

Here we have a situation of the like.  In a game of "Truth or Dare" Willow was challenged to go into the forest to retrieve some Hinky Puffs.  Normally the little wyngling would go to great lengths to avoid passing the tree line.  Often the shadow creatures attempted to coax her into the woods while some of the more unsightly of the bunch lurked just out of sight-- she could see the danger that lied within. 
Any interaction often sent chills down her spine and forged a newfound habit of aversion to the bordering forest. 

Despite this it seems that Willow is heading into the forest anyways... Ah, dear.  I do hope everything goes alright.  Peer pressure can be quite... deadly.  ;D

Here's a big "Thank you" at tsand106 for helping me out with Inky's dialogue!  Wooooooo.

Ink belongs to :icontsand106:
Savannah belongs to :iconcharliebug3:
Leroy belongs to :iconsketchyann:
Shay belongs to :iconanhrak:
Willow and Talias belong to meeeeee.


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Childhood games and kiddo character interactions are the best. 8) YAY this was so much fun to read! Poor Inki. 
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It's all fun-in-games, right?  Kids do a lot of dumb stuff without thinking about the consequences!  XD

;D  Glad you liked it!  Little Inki is such a sweetheart.
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I'm just sitting here waiting on MORE. Please, Vay. Why do you have to make us wait?

I love how you drew each one of these characters. That very last panel of Ink just waiting there is the best. ;u; What a good friend..
Vaylore's avatar
Hehehehhe.  It's gonna be a bit of a wait for the next comic to come out.  You'll have to sit tight for a bit.  ;D 

What can I say, I love to tease people with cliff hangers, hehe.

Ink is such a huge sweety.  Thanks to him the little story will be able to progress further!
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What a wonderful, cute comic, so exciting to see it all finished!
You did an awesome job on the background, I love that loose painty feeling that doesn't distract at all from the characters.
Thank you for drawing my little Ink so beautifully, you draw him so well! 
I can't wait for part 3!
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=D What a beautiful comment!  Huzzah!  He was a pleasure to draw and such a little sweety to get to add in.  Ahhhh, thank you for letting me use him for this wonderful little deboggle.  XD
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If Dusk learned about this he'd freak out.
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It's a pretty alarming thing though it's mostly based off of naive childs play.  Ahhhh, dear.  I'm sure everything will turn out alright.
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Willooooooooooooow!!!!! Ahhh I just read the second part and ahhhh! It's so adorable! I'm hyped for a continuation!
Vaylore's avatar
Ah yay!  I'm glad you're excited about this!  =D
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aww Ink, such a good friend so cute. Poor lil Willow
Vaylore's avatar
He really is a kind little sweet heart.
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Shay would literally just be like; "are we really going to wait for them?". Impatient little fella xD.
Vaylore's avatar
The game would probably either continue from there or just dissolve.  *shrug*
Knuffeldraak's avatar
Shay votes to continue! xD For real, would love to see the continuation on this :P
Vaylore's avatar
Well the comic will certainly be moving forward but the little truth or dare will not.  XD
Knuffeldraak's avatar
Hmmm, Talias is still in the game. Maybe she can think of a very awkward Dare for Shay? XD. I'll leave his fate up to you. 
Vaylore's avatar
The dare is a little one time thing for Talias right now-- I don't plan on taking it further.  I just needed some extra wynglings to be put in and to have Tal there to encourage Willow into the forest.  Right now I'm focusing on her story right now so... yeah.  As for the other wynglings, you can find the links to their character references at the bottom of the description.
Knuffeldraak's avatar
No okay, but maybe I could? :p
Vaylore's avatar
If you want to, go for it.
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Well I can try to continue. Which characters are still in the game? XD
Knuffeldraak's avatar
Somewhere you can hear shay cry. XD
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off to find some blue glow
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