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Warcraft - King Llane

Warcraft movie

King Llane certainly appears to be a protagonist of the Warcraft Movie, which is set to take place during the latter part of the First War, after King Adamant's death. True to his character, he questions other nobles' assertions that the Orcs are all beast who should be destroyed and is shown to be sympathetic to the orcs.

:iconladyangelus: @ King LIane Wrynn

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helpers thanks Jason +Jazion

Warcraft - King Llane Wrynn by vaxzone Warcraft - King Llane 01 by vaxzone
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Wow, this is amazing! Could be in the movie! :D
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It looks lovely! Great job!
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As a Horde, I approve this.
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that's cool, love the detail and nicely taken B-) (Cool) :happybounce: Clap 
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thanks, yes it is
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Orcs are all beasts and should be destroyed.
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wow just plain ole wow.  amazing work
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Dude this is awesome! The coolest WoW cosplay I've ever seen! Probably like the coolest cosplay period
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thanks :) credit to the awesome cosplayer
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I don't play WoW but damn this is amazing.  It gets me pumped for the movie
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