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Warcraft - King Llane 01

Warcraft movie

King Llane certainly appears to be a protagonist of the Warcraft Movie, which is set to take place during the latter part of the First War, after King Adamant's death. True to his character, he questions other nobles' assertions that the Orcs are all beast who should be destroyed and is shown to be sympathetic to the orcs.

:iconladyangelus: @ King LIane Wrynn

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helpers thanks Jason +Jazion

Warcraft - King Llane by vaxzone Warcraft - King Llane Wrynn by vaxzone
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The Armour looks amazing :D
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I love him sooo much!!!
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ummm... Lothar and Durotan is clearly are clearly the protaganists.
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I don't know if it's my eyes, but the blade looks bent(ed)?
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Pretty badass, great work!
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*dying cause omfg gonna see the movie today and baby thrall is so precious man*
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HOLY CRAP... what an amazing job!
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This reminds me of one of the power rangers series. I like the power rangers, which means I also like this.
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is this cosplaying? for real? wow Magnificent, absolutely lovely
Keep it up :-)
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insane detail!
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wickedddd and stunning design!
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Ah oh so brilliant and stunning this is :) very great job~
PrincessofdarknessX6's avatar
Wow, that awesome looking! 
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I haven't seen the movie yet, but this just makes me want to see it even more. Thank you
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very nice :D (Big Grin) Thumbs Up 
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