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Tokyo Ghoul - Rize Kamishiro

As a ghoul blending into human society, she wears a normal attire fit for a young woman, though her attire reveals some cleavage, possibly to seduce and allure males as her prey. Rize is very attractive and is aware of this fact, often manipulating it to her advantage.

:iconastellecia: @ Rize

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Happy Halloween!
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How these hands and feet came here ?
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OMG those limbs XD hahaha 
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Eek, scary and yet so pretty!
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Nice one , congrts :wave:
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Oh my, what a great cosplay!
Happy Halloween to you as well! <3
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Oh, this is awesome o.O
What did you use for the severed human parts?
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This is amazing. I loved Tokyo ghoul so this tops it offAkari Akazaki (Good Job) [V3] 
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I just finished SSN1 last week - So the is even more amazeBallz to me
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Bloody..... amazing!
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no words can describe how amazing this is Wow! 
CrimsonPhoenix913's avatar That is all. Wow.

Peace Out! ^_^
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Waoh, so bloody! Love it.
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