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League of Legends - Pool Party Selfie

By vaxzone
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League of Legends

(see if you can spot them all :) (Smile))

Skip Roland (his actual Birthday) @ Draven

Drefan @ Darius

Skyy Sia @ Shen

Elkanah Chan @ Xin Zhao 

Kuro Koneko @ Sona

Jennifer @ Vi

Khymichi @ Akali

Sherlyn Koh @ Riven 

Lavina Tang @ Katarina

Ketry Arashi @ Annie

Mochi Rinya @ Tibbers

Hikari Kurami @ Nidalee

Araya Skye - Irelia

Sabrina Asdcvbtuym @ Miss Fortune

Hajime Kimura @ Graves

Spin @ Janna

Sindy Tay @ Lux

Vivianne GohMew @ Ahri

photo by

helpers thanks Bill, Kosmo, Belle Alexandra, Tristan, Barry,
Rynx+ Many more

Lastly thanks to Drefan for organising this awesome party!

League of Legends - Pool Party by vaxzone
League of Legends - Pool Party For Draven by vaxzone
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playwithnikkinikki's avatar
omg i can't unsee tibbers!!!
this is osm
NekoWhiteStar's avatar
awww so Awesome :3
Leshie-Leshie's avatar
I like Darius in the middle so cool 0w0
Shen is always depicted as a funny dude xD

... Why's Riven looking like this? ö_Ö
lanza-divina's avatar
vladdrakul88's avatar
this is so freaking awesome. great job everyone. perfect!!    dat riven O.o
fabulouspantsu's avatar
Dont forget one person
Cell phone case @ Teemo
Leshie-Leshie's avatar
                        and the new quack quack
Spammyx3's avatar
nice pool party for the summer :)
Ki-Plueschie's avatar
chrissyanaa's avatar
this made my day, the drawn abs and tibbers :la: :la:
Synpopsis's avatar
LOL, THE ABS. This is the best pictureeeeeee.
davyjones2's avatar
dem drawn of abs though 

jokes, awesome job!
Antediluvian80's avatar
saxophone-and-stuff's avatar
oh my gosh the drawn on abs. i love it. xD
Remorph's avatar
the drawn sixpacks how cute :P
JazIrl's avatar
spirit-guard-leo's avatar
Thats a lot of cute girls for 5 guys to handle lol
AllVideosOwn's avatar
Ahri looks like a guy >.>
BebbieSA's avatar
that abs tho..
Dandehlionn's avatar
Kyero's avatar
the one floaty on riven is a good touch. wonder how many people got that. :P
pimpaladettesdude's avatar
LOL the heeeeeck XD ????? *I smiled and laughed from this like "the heck kinda awesomeness??? OH MY GOSH that's so darn COOOOOOOL BRO. X3"
sourxnightmares's avatar
Tibbers is pretty cute in that bikini. x3
sx59's avatar
Would pool party Shaco wear an old timey mens one piece?
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