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League of Legends - Pool Party For Draven

League of Legends

(see if you can spot them all :) (Smile))

Skip Roland (his actual Birthday) @ Draven

Kuro Koneko @ Sona

Jennifer @ Vi

Khymichi @ Akali

Sherlyn Koh @ Riven 

Lavina Tang @ Katarina

Ketry Arashi @ Annie

Mochi Rinya @ Tibbers

Hikari Kurami @ Nidalee

Araya Skye - Irelia

Sabrina Asdcvbtuym @ Miss Fortune

Spin @ Janna

Sindy Tay @ Lux

Vivianne GohMew @ Ahri

photo by

helpers thanks Bill, Kosmo, Belle Alexandra, Tristan, Barry,
Rynx+ Many more

Lastly thanks to Drefan for organising this awesome party!

League of Legends - Pool Party by vaxzone League of Legends - Pool Party Selfie by vaxzone
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