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League of Legends - Pool Party

League of Legends

(see if you can spot them all :))

Elkanah Chan @
Xin Zhao 

Kuro Koneko @ Sona

Jennifer @ Vi

Khymichi @ Akali

Sherlyn Koh @ Riven 

Skyy Sia @ Shen

Lavina Tang @ Katarina

Drefan @ Darius

Ketry Arashi @ Annie

Mochi Rinya @ Tibbers

Hikari Kurami @ Nidalee

Araya Skye - Irelia

Sabrina Asdcvbtuym @ Miss Fortune

Spin @ Janna

Hajime Kimura @ Graves

Sindy Tay @ Lux

Vivianne GohMew @ Ahri

photo by

helpers thanks Bill, Kosmo, Belle Alexandra, Tristan, Barry,
Rynx+ Many more

Lastly thanks to Drefan for organising this awesome party!

League of Legends - Pool Party For Draven by vaxzone League of Legends - Pool Party Selfie by vaxzone
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Who's dat guy in the back next to annie bear? Lol he crack me up with that face expression xD
Wheree is my renekton, the green alligator, your life guard? XDD you guys did great!!!!!