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League of Legends - Get Jinxed


League of Legends - Beach Party

Sherlyn @ Jinx

Sayuri @ Miss Fortune

Joseph @ Rammus

Tinneh @ Riven

Kai @ Shaco

Khym @ Sivir

Nick @ Ezreal

photo by

helpers thanks Xen, Leonard, Benji min, Cun Yi, Dominique

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Very nice and beautiful with harmony
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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I like this because they look like models. The light, and their pose, and because the midfield and background figures are out of focus, seems to plastinate them somehow. Not sure if plastinate exists as a recognised word, but I'm throwing it out there anyway. Well done.
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"Get Jinxed" OMG thats Awesome XD
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Frostbutt Irelia just cried a single tear because she was outdone by Jinx...
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Whole lot of beuty there.
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very god very good 
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To the people who are complaining about others' motives for considering photography an art: Art isn't meant to look good (or bad) it's meant to make you feel something. There is definitely much to be felt here, lol.
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the one with the white hair in the back...omg lol
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I'm fed up with this, it isn't what deviant art was made for. Put this on some weird hentai cosplay site and stop clogging up a site that is meant to be for art, it's in the fucking name
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Costume making=art
What am I missing?
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  1. 1.
    departing from usual or accepted standards, especially in social or sexual behavior.
^ Above is the definition of deviant which happens to also be in the name of the site next to art.

Even if it was too sexual (This is barely sexual and far from hentai so your standards are really sad) it would fit in because the site is for all forms of art which is why they have different categories of both art and artists sexual or not, it is sad at how you attack this artist for posting a picture of clothed cosplayers in an innocent situation and claim it to be 'clogging' the site when there are far more disgusting things on this site yet people like you make everything so much harder.

No one made this site for just your standards so if it upsets you maybe go outside for a bit and try reevaluating your life choices.
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Photography is by no means "not art" and clearly you see that just as well as I do but when the majority of comments on pictures like these are along the lines of, "boobs", "wow sexy" and "would fap", then it becomes obvious that these people are not viewing it from an artistic standpoint. And the more these sorts of pictures exist, the less people view this site as a place where art is shared and experienced
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So what exactly is your problem with this submission?

That there are immature comments?
Because there are people who are against democracy, so the natural according to you, would be to abolish democracy?

The fact there in the picture there are girls in *GASP* bikinis?
Because there's plenty of all-nude photos on DA, and you choose to write your bullshit here?? But ok, anyway, where would you draw the line? No skin? Or just nothing between neck and knees? How about faces? They OK? Maybe you'd prefer if the site was only for abstract art, but let's not kid ourselves, there is plenty of sexual abstracts.

Anyway, as R35TART said, you put oddly much value on the "art" part of the site name, and oddly little on the "deviant" part. And if you want to speak real estate value, "deviant" takes up more space.
One of the great things about art, is that there isn't a checklist that decides whether or not something is art. It's very subjective, and DA is so magnificently made, that it allows you to not spend lots of time on things you don't want to see.
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You make a good point but I wasn't objecting to submission as It takes a lot of talent to position everything, make the costumes and so on. Well actually looking back on the comment I kinda was and as I said, you make a good point, well done *tips fedora and brushes Dorito out of neckbeard*
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I understand that but the site also has done literally nothing to make this anything but a place for these comments and pieces and it is just something that has to be ignored considering the only things on the What's Hot section are things that the perverts on the site visit frequently but it can still be a community you just have to avoid well. Most of it.
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|bows as I am showered with blunts
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