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Jack x Elsa

Jack x Elsa

:iconastellecia: @ Elsa

:iconkanaunara: @ Jack Frost

photo by

further edited by

helpers thanks Hoshi, Amer, Seiyume + Zeph

Elsa - Let it go by vaxzone Frozen - Elsa by vaxzone Elsa x Jack by vaxzone Elsa - Here I stand by vaxzone
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Not normally used to seeing such good cosplay...
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I do not ship it but oh my god thats adorable
BeguruPhotos's avatar
Ah, this is my OTP
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Love this shot! <3

Peace Out! ^_^
FireflyChevy's avatar
They should sooo make a movie about Jack Frost & Elsa >.>

Ohhh this bring's to mind, the older -oldddd- version of Jack frost which is adorable and i wanna watch it know. xD
RandomLullaby's avatar
I love this picture but I don't like the Jack x Elsa ship. But you get a favorite still. <3
naruchan101's avatar
Im in love with that elsa wig!! 
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beautiful picture, good cosplayers and talented photograph... but i dont understand that shipping D: is the only reason they are shipped because they both work with ice?
dragonneGlacia's avatar
Hmm basically, yes. :XD:
They both had the same belonging problem too.
AbkanyArts's avatar
still i dont suppord this ship xD  its like "hey! you have blond hair too?? lovestory!" 

.........still better lovestory than twilight
Dragon890h's avatar
This... Is... Shippable.
Ashurii-Adokoku's avatar
This is really beautiful!! 

I love it.
And amazing photography. 
UltraNovaDragon's avatar
Heart Heart Heart These two can make quite a beautiful Couple Heart Heart Heart 
CaelumPicta's avatar
Such great cosplay and photography!
AngelMariaStars's avatar
It's insane how good this is! ^_^ Love it!
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