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Final Fantasy VII - Vincent Valentine

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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

:icondarcywilliam: @ Vincent Valentine

photo by

helpers thanks Ash, Kenneth, Selicia, Hoshiki , Kyon

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Sweet Vincent cosplay ;)
firefangs2's avatar
*faints at the sight of your sheer awesomeness*
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Nice intermesh between the closeup and full body shot!  :thumbsup:

The blood red works well here as well!  :thumbsup:
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Dear lord, It actually took me a second to realize this was a cosplay. This is amazing.
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i'm very curious how you made your top part of the cloak. i'm currently trying to devise a way to keep it with the advent children accuracy and make it our of one solid piece rather than a front bodice and back bodice. i've noticed vincent has no seam line going down his shoulder. being as i've never ever ever seen a piece of clothing that does that without sewing together two pieces i'm kinda at a brick wall. any input would be helpful andbtw your Vincent cosplay is hands down the most accurate i've seen yet. great job man.
jawXkneeXmusic's avatar
Wow. You look just like Vincent. well done!!!
ObliviousPsychotics's avatar
Sweet mother of fuck. <3
I can't handle it.
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YOU LOOK EXACTLY LIKE HIM!!! This is literally the best cosplay I've ever seen! AMAZING JOB!!!!
OtakuBunny2022's avatar
This is TOTALLY AWESOME!! If they were calling for the real actors, you could totally get the shot!
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archonproject's avatar of the best Vin cosplays I've seen yet! Very well done! Thanx! :heart:
Zaziki7's avatar
Wow, that's really impressive! You look awesome as Vincent! :love:
cyberlight's avatar
That's really awesome, as the cosplayer and the photo!
Irileth's avatar
This is AWESOME!!!!! :D Love it!!!
asukacaramel's avatar
WOW. JUST WOW. :iconohmygodplz:
I commend you for the awesome costume detail and making the authentic Vincent feel. :iconiloveyouplz:
Valkera17's avatar
wow you really know how to pull off the look of vincent. love the whole picture and costume. also i would like to say damn you look sexy/handsome/cute as vincent^^
thislovelyworld's avatar
God this is cool. LOVE
darcywilliam's avatar
Ah I never commented!! Thank you so much for shooting for us! Was really great! I love all the photos! Hope to work again with you soon~!
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OMG ! vincent is REAL !! i knew it !
EmberTwilight's avatar
fuckin hott!! <3
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Best cosplay I've seen if VincentXD
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This is amazing! Well done with this photo~
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Thanks, glad you like it :D
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