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i know for you i can hold on
It's because I hold on to every last bit of faith...
even when there is none left...
I set myself up to once again be hurt...
maybe deep down there is a comfort in sadness.
Maybe there is a comfort in the familiarity of being let down.
Maybe I must look somewhere else, and get myself
out of this life.
Until my soul is complete I will feel pain.
But I can go on....
because always, throughout this unimaginable pain,
there is that feeling of hope...
there might be something there for me afterall.
maybe i can go on, maybe i can find peace.
maybe somewhere i will find my angel.
and she will find me.
Somewhere out there is my happiness, my life,
my love, my true meaning.
Oh, i will hold on, because it wont be fair
if i am not here for her.
She might need me as much as I need her,
if i leave this world, then,
how will she find her peace, her
I will hold on, and I will
and someday i will
cry not because I am sad,
not because I am empty, but
because finally,
this huge
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It Haunted All Our Days
You all say to wait....
"problems eventually find a way to resolve themselves", you say. sure they do.
This is not just a problem. This is an
ongoing fight with myself,
and no matter how it ends,
i lose....
i always lose.
i cannot keep fighting
i cannot keep waiting
for something that is not there.
i do not want to wait anymore.
even if i will someday find what i need,
i cannot wait anymore.
i have waited long enough.
i have waited too long.
i am no longer really here.
my soul has died, my heart has
my will has left.
I have died.
it isnt fair, either.
i have done nothing
to deserve this.
i know that...
THAT'S exactly why it kills me.
i cannot make sense of why
i suffer.
but i am selfish,
because other suffer more.
their pain is not fair.
life is worthless
if you do not have
anyone to share it with.
emptiness is the only
emotion that has been constant within me.
i have grown used to it.
until you showed me that one moment where i was
then you took that a
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Right Now I AM Nothing
Are you happy with what you've done?
You got inside my head and made me
think that finally things would be different.
Then when i trusted you
you broke me.
i told you that i couldnt handle another break.
and you broke me anyway.
now you act like nothing has happened.
i resent you.
i resent ever meeting you,
ever trusting you,
ever caring.
i resent the fact that i STILL
care about you....through all the hurt
you caused me,
i still care.
that is my flaw,
and that is what is causing me pain now.
you got inside my head and
knowingly broke my soul
and when i confronted you
you made me believe again that
it was okay....I am naive...
it was my fault for beleieving you.
but deep down i know it wasnt my fault,
but or now i blame myself...i think.
i dont know...
i dont know what i think
and i hate not knowing...
i hate this...i hate you, but
i dont.
i cannot stop caring
even though you purposely
hurt me.
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