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Zipporwhill : Do you remember me?
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I tend to headcanon zipporwill and her father as pony versions of me and my father in real life

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Of course I do! She was adorable!
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Lorne SpinningClayLove I still remember your beautiful eyes, here: Give Flower Emote 
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I love Zipporwhill! I hate that people forgot about her so quickly.
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Cutest. Side. Character. EVER!!!
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I will never ever forget you Miss Zipporwhill! X3
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the filly from the episode filly vanilli?! that pony's soo cute!
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Fastest filly alive! XD
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I find this filly really cute!!! She's so adorable!!! :squee: :squee: :squee:

Love the pic, by the way!!! :heart: :love: :heart:

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I just finishing watching the episodes a few moments ago & yet I found here to be simply adorable.
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I love how she talks!
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So much sugar was used on her ponysona. XD
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Pets are everything for her! XD
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Why do I have the feeling that little dog is saying H-H-HELP SOMEPONY HELP. XD
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Still, I love Zipporwhill.
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The anti-Scootaloo :3
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I couldn't help but be fond of her and her dad.
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She has Mandopony's color scheme and Sibsy's/Wildfire's tail and mane style.

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