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When Villain Win Part 30



Warning : Celestia ♥ Chrysalis
Warning : Applejack ♥ Changeling (Without disguise)

Warning : This is Alternate World, So our Changeling may not like any Changeling you ever know...

Warning : Our Applejack is too honest.

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But, how would that change Princess Luna’s job as princess of the night?

What about the episode “Sleepless in Ponyville” where Princess Luna says to Scootaloo, “I am the princess of the night. Thus it is my duty to come into your dreams.”

What about the episode “A Royal Problem” where Princess Celestia says: “And you have it so much worse, do you?! You've spent your evenings flitting around giving ponies lovely dreams! Oh, it sounds just awful!”

What about the episode “To Where and Back Again - Part 1” where Princess Luna says to Starlight Glimmer, “Dreams are my domain, Starlight Glimmer. I am here because you need me to be.”