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When Villain Win Part 23

Warning : Celestia ♥ Chrysalis
Warning : Applejack ♥ Changeling (Without disguise)

Warning : This is Alternate World, So our Changeling may not like any Changeling you ever know...

Warning : Our Applejack is too honest.

English Editor :


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Dying... i don't think a Saucy Humor/Ship comic has ever made me laugh this much!
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I believe it's a sneaky reference to Rule 63 shenanigans. Especially considering the rest of what she says.

Chryssi is a changeling, after all...
BlackGlacier's avatar
Wow. Ummm, so... new take-over plans?
Shenronn's avatar
(G l Joe flashbacks)There's a manual
tails208's avatar
There a manuel for rising the sun???? Wow
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Meta? who's this "Meta" fellow Celestia is wet-dreaming about?
Nyerguds's avatar
I have a sneaky suspicion it's 'remembering' rather than just 'wet-dreaming', and that the 'fellow' in question was only a 'fellow' while they were in bed together :P
Takanakchirasu's avatar
I notice you warn that applejack is too honest...
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Raise the Sun
Raise the Sun
1, 2, 3, 4
Chrysalis will raise the sun
Saiavinn's avatar
I think this might be getting a little too meta.
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How To Raise The Sun By Faust, Only $9.95$
TheProBeast's avatar
EA version: And now, how to lower the sun DLC for only $59.99 :P
TheProBeast's avatar
And Viritual Reality :O
SilverHoodHunter's avatar
Warning: those who have photoapelepsy must have adult supervision
TheProBeast's avatar
Warning for 'flashing lights' DLC only $9.99 15% off! (no refunds!)
SilverHoodHunter's avatar
Free shipping if ordered! Valid till 30th October! Order now at 915-677-SUNBUTT!
TheProBeast's avatar
''We put the 'fun' in no refunds'' I ship it! :O :P 
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How to Raise the Sun - Easy! by Fausticorn XD
HarmonyKey's avatar
What's Celestia dreaming about?~
Wink wink
liuhyhung123's avatar
how to raise the sun for dummies, it's on cost 9.99
ForestStarStudios's avatar
the author of the book was "Faust".

Lauren Faust?

and yet: was that an easter egg?
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