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When Villain Win Part 1

Now I just made new story and It is a comic with red color(?). I'm doing this when I ran out of idea for "To Love god - To love Mortal"

Warning : Celestia ♥ Chrysalis

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This au has sarcastic twilight
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ni ella se lo puede creer xD
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"Warning : Celestia ♥ Chrysalis"

OoooOh, kinky ... :-D

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You know what.... you should turn this into a nifty PDF book and sell it for donation. I would buy it!
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Excuse me, I hate to be rude, but may I color your comic? I promise I'll link you back and mention you as the original owner
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Yes. You can. Just have credit for me.
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Seems He/She 's dead now :/
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Thank you, I promise to credit you for all your pics, your so kind
a completed comic on diviantart  im gonna watch this
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A i'm can try to color this i if you want 
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so youve finally wut?
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Well make it like the motto of Staples and say..."That was easy."
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Hmmm this might be interesting I will watch this
I'm back!


I don't do a good job of keeping track of things as they're updating, you see!
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She seems disappointed.
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all they flutter shy is a blind fold
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So she can't use Stare. ^w^"
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I like to believe She requested it for "foreplay

I like how this comic started at January 1st. I dunno, I find it a but funny and cool
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:iconmarkiplierplz::iconsaysplz:...... DID I WON????:iconsaysendplz:
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The perfect reference!
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