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[To Love Alicorn Sideart] This Is Not Gay



Just a crazy idea for Background Changeling A and Background Royal Guard C. (He is captain guard)


Random Royal Guard : Hi! Captain. Do you want to join our party tonight?

Royal Guard C : What's a party?

Random Royal Guard : It's a party to welcome you to our club!

Royal Guard C : What kind of club?

Random Royal Guard : Well. It''s a club for Royal Guard who in love with other Royal Guard!

Royal Guard C : So, It's a gay club?

Random Royal Guard : Yes. You can call it that too. But it accept only member of Royal Guard.

Royal Guard C : Sorry, but I'm not gay.

Random Royal Guard : Oh. Captain. You don't need to embarrassing about it. I know that so many ponies out here don't accept our sexual preference. But please. Gay like us should stick together. ya know?

Royal Guard C : For a second time, soldier. I'm not gay...

Random Royal Guard : Don't try to hide it. Captain. So many ponies see you dating with that new Unicorn Guard at the Ice-cream cafe. You and him even sharing one bowl Ice-cream together with one spoon! Or you gonna tell it's not true?

Royal Guard C : Yes. It's true. But I'm not gay.

Random Royal Guard : Is it hard for you to accept that you fall in love with stallion? Are you just like other ponies who hate gay!?

Royal Guard C : No, I accept your sexual preference. I don't have anything against gay. But I'm not gay.

Random Royal Guard : But you? And that Unicorn Royal Guard??

Royal Guard C : Sorry. But I have to go now. See ya, soldier.

Random Royal Guard : Captain!!!
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Just notice the magic particles are from the white stallion gaurd not the changeling