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To Love Alicorn Part 56

"In which somepony fall in love..."


Shipping Warning : Chrysalis X Cadence [This is 100 years in future of the show. Shinning already die by old age]

Warning : This story have it own headcanon.

Warning : This comic is direct sequel of "To Love God - To Love Mortal"…
And sharing universe and timeline with Crazy Future and Chaos Future…

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First : To Love Alicorn Part 01

Previous : To Love Alicorn Part 55

Next : To Love Alicorn Part 57
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silentgamer10's avatar
Just eating flowers just like a moral pony and "maid or gaurd" wow
yona544960's avatar

And we ALL thought nightmare moon was banished.

EpicBronyL's avatar
That last question reveals a lot. 
leebk201's avatar
Don't tell me, that...
mousedapple3300's avatar
nightmare moon . . . luna . . . friends. there's something im not geting
Wait0wat's avatar
Nightmare Moon, Equestria's Greatest Detective.
BlackGlacier's avatar
The profile pic... so appropriate
Sturmlion1's avatar
Nightmare and Luna, bet the would be great pranksters.
marinus18's avatar
"just eating flowers"
That's something they can only say in equestria.
Rassiliana's avatar
If this is the ship, I'm really confused. Wasn't it stated in the previous comic that Moon was basically Luna and Celestia's child?
SchwarzerRitter's avatar
It is kind of creepy, if you say it like that.

But not more than Rarity dating a minor.
Tenshineko01's avatar
This is adorable!! Poor Luna.
Nightstar123456's avatar
i think its a guard :3
Now, now, nopony likes a gossip on the prowl for new secrets.
celestiamagic's avatar
Okay, maybe I missed something, maybe I forgot what I read in the prequel or something, but uh...

What, exactly, is Nightmare doing there?
anideterm3's avatar
she is from the first part to love god to love mortal must be happening before Nightmare got vanished which made Luna sad and probably answer of why Luna is a filly from earlier pages here.
TianisX's avatar
previous comic..kind of a reverse time skip (look at the bottom)
nursejoy7's avatar
oh I think I remember that in the last page  was saying "he"
nursejoy7's avatar
I hope it's a female maid X3
Animatorsnake's avatar
Who could Luna be in love with? *looks behind and sees signs saying it's Mooney* ... I wonder?
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