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To Love Alicorn Part 52

By vavacung
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"My true form might be your phobia...I am your nightmare..."


Shipping Warning : Chrysalis X Cadence [This is 100 years in future of the show. Shinning already die by old age]

Warning : This story have it own headcanon.

Warning : This comic is direct sequel of "To Love God - To Love Mortal"…
And sharing universe and timeline with Crazy Future and Chaos Future…

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Not just to Cadance, Chrys. You were horrible to everypony around you, but Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle in particular. You know, the Alicorn you sent to the caves below Canterlot, cackling about your plans for her brother and how nopony will come find her down there. In fact, you did a lot of gloating and cackling that day.

You have A LOT to make up for.
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Please read the entire comic. And if you have, realise this. In this story, she is talking about WHY she attacked, about EVERYTHING. Her people were hated right from the start. She was most likely excited to finally feed her people! Like seriously. Stuff, it happens.
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It was also said they came into center part of Equestria where no one knew about them. You can't hate something you don't know it exists.
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How eager are you to hug a giant insect? If a giant bug came up to you, are you going to question what it needs, or are you going to try to get away. 
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I think it was actually Shiny who had the phobia. Cadance was doing relatively alright until you threatened to profane her husband's memory, after all.
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At the very least pick a more random pony!
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It be very horrible if Cadence go kung fu on Chrysalis, once she reveals her true form now
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If you excuse me, i need to find insulin, asap HHHHGGGG!!! * crit *
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Cady shouldn't be sissy like that, seriously. After all, she 'just' imprisoned her, with no torture or actual kill involved.

Twilight must solve much greater evils on almost daily basis, while Cady's flank is mostly safe in imperial palace all the time.
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Why must you make Shining Armor so cute?! Damn you, bug horse!!
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At least she's honest with her fears and feelings and thoughts, that's crucial to any relationship between anyone.
But the risk is the other party's take on them.
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"Uuurh, a good excuse... For more awkward situations... Me love."
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:iconcadenceblinkplz: "Nonsense. It's alright Chrysalis. I'm all over that now. There's no need for you t-"

:whitegreenfire: :psychogreenfire::whitegreenfire: 
Queen chrysalis icon "Thank you princess. I-"

Princess Cadence (Angry) Plz "I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL YOU!!"
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Queen chrysalis icon "Cadence you promised! Have you even forget i told you!?"
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I expect that heavily.
And then she apologizes after she comes back to her senses xD
Misse-the-cat's avatar
!BAD ENDING! Nope! That is not happening!

Queen Chrysalis icon (2) "I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT WAS A TRAP!"

*Chrysalis blastes Cadence into wall*

Queen chrysalis icon "See ya later Princess Lovebutt-crack! I will never trust you again, Also Shining Armor never lover you, You're princess of nothing but for now. I'm gonna kill your stupid-sister, Ciao!"

*DBZ Teleport*
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Hmm, thinking about this chrysalis does have a point. When talking to her now, in the guise of her husband she is more easy to talk to, but it is possible when in her true form, the form of the oppressor, she could be more uncomfortable. Though probably not to the point of a phobia.
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Shining looks like a mare in the first drawing.
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So is Chrysalis going to adopt her husband's form or create a new one if she does have a phobia of it?
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question... why do changlings not just create a form that's a changling but doesn't look like cheese?
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Would you want to wear makeup all day everyday for as long as you want to interact with others?
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