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To Love Alicorn Part 46

"Is it possible for predator to live among prey?"


Shipping Warning : Chrysalis X Cadence [This is 100 years in future of the show. Shinning already die by old age]

Warning : This story have it own headcanon.

Warning : This comic is direct sequel of "To Love God - To Love Mortal"…
And sharing universe and timeline with Crazy Future and Chaos Future…

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The poor ones, i can so relate to this

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That story similar to my oc story, how other ponys hate her even after she was reformed and the news about changings been good had spread around, lucky she had already a friend who helped her overcome her trauma

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As long as changelings are citizen's then the original way would work pretty well. Sure, there'll be some bigotry at first, maybe a few lynchings, but after time Changeling will be viewed like anyone else. 
Except that they drain your love if you start a relationship with them. 

Well darn, I guess there is a problem. 
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... Disguised to be loved ... MIMIKYU'S
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did any else notice that 
the first panel and 4th panel has the same pony but with different hooves?
somehow this reminded me of a different comic book, "the origin of tony stark": in the first part of the story, Tony is visiting an alien space station, who are friendly at first, then want to execute him for killing one of their "gods", specifically, the Phoenix. they also "worship" the cosmic beings known as the Celestials...but it later turns out that they are actually powering their "world" by stealing energy from the Celestials, so the Celestials see them as parasites.
Later in the story, Tony is doing a sort of "trial by combat", and while everyone is watching him, someone else steals a special device that prevents the clestials from seeing their station...and then the Celestials destroy them!
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so . . . the mane 6 die  ?Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! 
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5 of them i presume.
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They're basically the aliens from "Invasion of the Body-Snatchers". Let every man and pony be himself. Obviously, kidnapping and replacing ponies is wrong. Deceiving their families in such a way is abominable. Lying and stealing to make a living doesn't make it right. The end does not justify the means. There has to be another way... Sorry, but I cannot sympathize with the changelings here.
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changelings dont do it becuse they can or becus its right or wrong or to make a living they do it becus if they dont they die and go extinct and they live on love and not
food and drink like the other creatures do without love they would die end of story so so its not about if it is right or not its about to we die by  leaving the other creatures alone or do we live and feed on the one and only thing that keep us alive so the the end does justify the means they ether feed or they die and go extinct and so faw i havent seen another way. im sorry but your view on it  seem shallow and uncaring for something you don't understand I don't want to start a fight but this is how I see it
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"They don't do it to make a living; they do it because if they don't, they die." You contradict yourself...

They have to be evil in order to live, but that doesn't make it right. If you had to be evil just to stay alive, would you do it?

On the other side of the matter, consider this: If there was a group of lions just waiting to eat you, and they would starve if they didn't, would you give yourself up to them as food?
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here's the difference between changelings and lions of course the Lions will kill and eat you if they're starving, changelings on the other hand do not kill to get the love they need to survive and after they get the love they need to survive they let  their captors go with no harm done to them. and again it's not about right or wrong it's about survival or Extinction and they're not doing it because they're evil they're doing it because they have no other choice
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I suppose their other choice is to starve to death... which technically is a choice if they REALLY want to refrain from doing evil. It's a hard choice to make, certainly. Many people will outright admit that they don't have the moral fortitude to die that way for the sake of avoiding evil. Some will say that they can do it, but if they're actually put in the situation, they might give in to weakness. Some people might actually be able to do it.

Still, the end does not justify the means. They're kidnapping ponies and deceiving the ponies' friends and relatives in order to feed off of them like parasites. That's definitely evil. It isn't clear if being drained of love causes a pony physical harm, but how would you like it if some bug-creature came in and stole away the person you loved most and pretended to be them? Wouldn't that hurt if you found out that the one you loved was an impostor?
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listen since the creators of the show have not made it clear as to why the changelings are really doing this or if they're love draining does hurt a pony neither one of us can be right for both of us can be wrong so until until they make it absolutely clear of what there doing you stick with what you think and ill stick with what I think BUT this is vavacung's story so if they want to have the changelings evil like what you think or evil by consequences but good by heart like i think is really up to them not us so ether one of are arguments are invalid in this matter good day to you
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It seems pretty clear that in the show, the changelings were doing what I described, which I believe is wrong. This story seems to take place after the events of the show, and within the story, the events of the show are canon.

I'm not sure why you seem to be getting in such a huff. I was just trying to have a reasonable debate. You may back out of it at any time. You seem to believe in moral relativism: the concept that different people disagree about what's right and wrong and therefore, NOTHING is either right or wrong in and of itself, and therefore, we should tolerate everything. In that case, why do we have prisons to hold criminals if, say, a murderer isn't wrong for killing somebody?

How about this: In India, there used to be a custom called "sati". It took place when a married man died. They would dispose of his body by igniting it in a funeral pyre, but not only that... They would actually burn the widow alive on top of her dead husband. Isn't that obviously WRONG?
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here is the difference between what you're saying and the changelings the changelings are  not killing anybody  like what you using to make your arguments with and since there not killing of anyone makes you arguments invalid in this regard
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Okay, now I can sympathize with Chrissy. In this comic at least. ;)
At least she's taking responsibility for her choice to invade, and has a pretty good reason for thinking there weren't any other options....
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that's tough. I just can't really think of any way out.
I don't see the changelings as predators. They are parasites, not predators. They can't kill ponies.
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But parasites can kill their host too if it not careful....
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indeed but they are trying not to kill them because then they can't feed anymore.
That's even more true for the changelings because it will draw attention to them.
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This is a better sentence for Changeling "we always hurt the ones we love". Even if parasite doesn't kill their host. They still hurt them...
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Not really. Im currently studying this at university, and parasites can be often undetectable (no pain at all for the host).
But this is just a comic, do whatever you want with it ^^
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Well, just because they aren't detected doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt the host.
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