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To Love Alicorn Part 42

*It seem like set up  a new laptop is faster than I though. So here. Please have a comic. ^^"*

"Sometime you don't need many episode or several turn to defeat the strong opponant. Just hit it with the right power and you will win. Like Dark Romance that weak to Light Romance. Just  a gesture of light romance like simple hug from stallion she love is enough to defeat her..."

Warning : This story have it own headcanon.

Warning : This comic is direct sequel of "To Love God - To Love Mortal"…
And sharing universe and timeline with Crazy Future and Chaos Future…

English Editor :

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First : To Love Alicorn Part 01

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silentgamer10's avatar
Wait hold up what happened before this
Wait, how is Cadence a villain?
bladra's avatar
You know how luna got turn into nightmare moon well think of it happening to cadence
EpicBronyL's avatar
Just tell them it was an inside job. No one will question it. 
foldabotZ's avatar
Oh, I think you did more than hug!
StormerDaChangeling's avatar
MinxTK's avatar
Sexie time 
CubeEffect's avatar
I think you did more than a simple hug
[insert lenny here]
WorldWalker128's avatar
A Changeling's gotta take its food where it can get it.
cinabunbun's avatar
ahh so crysi turned in to shinning full on huh? heheh

so its like making out with your top enemy
KawaiiMichie's avatar
O.O DAMN.. What happened there last night?
LadySolonna's avatar
So... yeah
*closses the door*
*posts 100 pics of what I recordet online*

he he. blackmail is a b*****
Mat3or's avatar
jerzeyboy1995's avatar
a hug? you did more than that!
leebk201's avatar
Ehm, okay, moving on!
Inky-the-unicorn's avatar
good, good! let the shipping flow!
foldabotZ's avatar
Emperor Palpatine Cackle Icon "Good, good! Let the Shipping flow!"
Ihadnothingbetter2do's avatar
My head is bloody spinning.

I haven't read this in a long time, but isn't shining chrysalis? If so, why in the nine hells did cadence decide to do it with her and why is cadence being referred to as "villain"?
Ihadnothingbetter2do's avatar
Alright, scratch that.

I read the next page and am aware that cadence knows who shining actually is.

Still don't get the whole "villain" thing.
Leoandlove's avatar
I do, when Chysalis turned into Shining, Cadance turned into this bad nightmare pony thingy(like a "villan") 
Wertyla's avatar
This story seems to be all about the pony princesses suddenly losing all common sense at the drop of a hat just because some changeling saunters in who looks like their lover, but whom they are fully aware isn't, but they are denying that because they want it to be true.
EpicBronyL's avatar
Wait WHAT? What's going on here? 
SeekerParty's avatar
k...wait......why dose it look like they jus....t...nevermind
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