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To Love Alicorn Part 37

"Since When Were You So Playful, Celestia? You changed so much til I fear that you are Changeling in disguise or a clone..."

Warning : This story have it own headcanon.

Warning : This comic is direct sequel of "To Love God - To Love Mortal"…
And sharing universe and timeline with Crazy Future and Chaos Future…

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Im still trying to grasp why Luna looks so young...did i miss a side story? Do i jeed to continue Chaos Future to understand? Is this a headcanon? I dont need answers but i would love to have them please, to ease my mind.
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Stumped Dunno Shrug 

I know my comment will either just be ignored, or not answered years too late.
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If you have already finished To Love Alicorn, I guess you would already have your answer haha
But I will still answer your question anyway, the answer you seek is at page 41
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if you have finished watching To Love Alicord, I guess you already have your answer right? haha
But I will give you the answer you need anyway, it is at page 41  To Love Alicorn Part 41 by vavacung
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After having to deal with pompus, stuck-up nobility for over a thousand years both wit hand without you, Luna, you learn that putting on an act of perfection lessens the amount of stupid ideas for new laws that they try to slip by you in a mountain of text. Sadly it doesn't stop it entirely, *cough* Blueblood *cough*
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memory loss? possibly to remove the pain of moony banishment
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No, no, no... i don't like where this all going... what happened to Luna. :(
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I think I see where you're going here... or I could be totally wrong. This isn't the first time Celestia has tried the "love memory" spell. This Luna is a changeling, too! It's not Luna, right?!
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I don't understand how are they so little. EVEN TWILIGHT LOOKS LITTLE
Luna calling Celestia out? heh

Luna does have a point. From what I seen from Celestia, her "playfulness" resembled a mother entertaining her child. That level of joy she expressed when she saw Paper was new. I definitely curious on Celestia's response from this.
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Celestia is a Perfection ruler BESIDES loving
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Its not CELESTIA!!!!! Kill the clone!
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Because politics, Luna. You have to act all serious for politics. 
No one actually acts like themselves when they're doing business
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well, except for my OC. he is creepy, a bit serious and even with a mind reading spell u dont know what he is up to :)
EpicBronyL's avatar
Let me rephrase: You never act like yourself if you want to make a good impression. 
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
sort of. well, to me a "good impression" is an honst impression, so i always act like myself. and over the years, i learned how people act if they dont act like themselves, and then i dont like talking to them, leading to me changing my therapist more often than anyone else i knew. also i had a lot of problems in school because of this, but my teacher just shouldve acted like himself and everything wouldve been fine. im not the only one who has to adapt to others, u know.
btw the last sentence is what i always told him. and he just said that i have to get along with him and not the other way around, and yeah,  thats how most conversations went until i got out of school into something like a job, where they even broke the law and wanted me to coorperate (btw in germany, where i live, its a crime to coorperate with people who break the law, not sure how it is in other countries). now im home, i cant go to work because of a problem with my feet and i got all day to do stuff i like :)
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In politics, an honest impression is a weakness. And politics surrounds Celestia 24/7. 

Because in a game of thrones, you either win or you die. 
Well, the ponies of Equestria don't want a playful princess. They want one who stands above them, benevolent and protecting.

But 'Tia's got her marefriend back now, so buck all those ponies. Today she's going to be who she wants.
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last panel almost looks like it came from, Lullaby for a Princess: "So great was her reign, so brilliant her glory that long was the shadow she cast, which fell dark upon the young sister she loved, and grew only darker as days and nights past..."

And of course Luna, Tia is very playful once she is so happy when her family and friends and lover is in her presence, AND NOBODY'S PERFECT, SHE'S NOT A GODDESS!!!
Daiskida's avatar
A. She technically is a goddess or a demigoddess if we should be more accurate.

B. Having family/friends/lover in her presence is no excuse for acting this way as it doesn't fit her character at all.
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
Well, she still deserves to be happy, to enjoy her life, and she may be immortal, but if someone kills her by weapon, striking powerful magic or a sharp object by accident, that's when everybody knows she is mortal by heart, but immortal by spirit, and also a True God is a Holy being which they do not commit mistakes, accidents or even, how the real God in our world is, the One who made us all...after all, there is another comic wherein all the magic of Equestria was drained by one powerful being, even the princesses', except the magic of one wolf from another dimension, a powerful wolf that can guide the galaxy, but she still is a mortal, the wolf is the protector, because Tia and Luna's magic were drained in the time of the most dangerous event, or so called as "too late", and it is proven that the Princesses of Equestria are still mortal, even Tia because by the end were all of the magic of Equestria is drained, she said "I'm sorry, everypony..." and she cried for she have failed to protect her kingdom. Sorry if I explained when you already know about this comic called "The Night the Magic Died"...n_n
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1. Yes, she can be happy all she wants, but how bout she acts her age and personality and not like she's some tween? ; 2. What frickin' proof you have that she can be killed or injured by normal weaponry? Also, seriously, you're using a frickin' fan comic to try and prove your point of Celestia being mortal, do you even realize the issue with this or should I point it out?
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
Well, I don't care, since I don't treat Celestia as a Goddess, and I didn't notice she's acting like a tween, but people and ponies can still do pranks and jokes at any age at least, but still it is because the real and True God doesn't commit any sins, and she just said she's an imperfect pony, so she's just like a Phoenix, she is immortal, but still commits sins...
Daiskida's avatar
She's acting like a frickin' tween! Seriously, not being able to move past her first crush, ignoring everything around just for ONE person and just wanting to live in blissful ignorance. So, yeah how bout she acts her age and acts like a frickin Goddess/Ruler of a country. Also,stop bringing our God into this and comparing to Celestia, they are not the same thing. An yes, she DOES need to be perfect because she's THEIR goddess.
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