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To Love Alicorn Part 35

"Gods were not born. They were created"

Warning : This story have it own headcanon.

Warning : This comic is direct sequel of "To Love God - To Love Mortal"…
And sharing universe and timeline with Crazy Future and Chaos Future…

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First : To Love Alicorn Part 01

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animeluvr82101's avatar
AHHH LUNA WAS A BAT PONY SO CUTE.I love ur art style
i recently read an interesting story on FimFiction called "Triptych" where Celestia and Luna were once part of a team of six adventurers who found the Elements of Harmony and used them to defeat Discord.
Starswirl the bearded was another member!
Sturmlion1's avatar
More like eternal weapons primed to go off if things go wrong.
Inky-the-unicorn's avatar
dear ma larson - please make an episode about this!
Wertyla's avatar
Luna was born a bat pony... Interesting theory.
Chiaroscuro2011's avatar
Wow the best, so far, explanation of Celestia and Luna origin I'm impressed.
NicLove's avatar
What did Luna think of her wings changing ?

what it hard 2 fly after ?
vavacung's avatar
What about Celestia. She not even had wings before?
NicLove's avatar
ok, yes, and I suppose that she did the same things that T.S. did.

p.s. can you please make a side story with Luna & Celestia getting uses to the horns, Celestia getting uses to having wings, and Luna.. how she filled about her wings being different.
izzyo816's avatar
Yeah that would be the best! (p.s. hi NicLove, how's life? interesting finding you here ;) )
NicLove's avatar
I know ! :D


Why is that interesting ?
izzyo816's avatar
It's interesting  because I never knew you worshiped the same artist as me (vavacung, I mean.)
Brokutanks's avatar
Finally, I've found someone with the same headcanon as me.
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SunriseShine88's avatar
Hi. I always read your comics even before I become a deviantArt member. Your stories are fantastic! 
vavacung's avatar
Thank you, dear.
SunriseShine88's avatar
Thank my cousin, he's the one who introduced me to your comics. He's also a Deviantart, but I don't know his username and I can't ask him personally because he moved to another country. I really miss him. Your stories remind me of him.
Nightstar123456's avatar
is celestia also a pegasus cuz the cloak is covering her back just wonderin since luna is a bat pony thought she may have wings
Siarnaq21's avatar
It was mentioned in a flashback that she was born an Earth pony.
NicLove's avatar
Can you please link it ?
NicLove's avatar
Thanks you ! :D
kittycatkat12's avatar
Im not trying to be a downer or say that this is a bad comic I just want to point out that Princess luna and celestia were grown up when they got the elements and that in the jornal of the two sisters book they were already alicorns I just wanted to point that out :3 Good comic though they look pretty XD
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