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To Love Alicorn Part 30

"I'm not get only one but two lover back from the death..."

Warning : This comic is direct sequel of "To Love God - To Love Mortal"…
And sharing universe and timeline with Crazy Future and Chaos Future…

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well still a changelling .. so can change to the stallion i guess
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Regaining memories of previous lives. Reincarnation is such a messy business. 
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Lol ehh I liked it till I realized two lovers in one body... ehh I don't know man that's weird and imagine what paper would think. Poor thing if he finds out she loved someone else lol oh well. Oh I also read the one with Shining and that changeling lol ehh isn't shining married? Or did I miss something
This is of course slightly necroposting, but ...
What is this comment about? Because I remember that Liberty Wing was also Celestia's love. And only then he was reborn into Paper.
I probably didn’t understand something.
And, most likely, I need to stop communicating with individuals on the Internet through time.
Lunatwisentry's avatar
I just realized... PAPER CAN'T USE WING BLADES

Wait .... liberty wing ? THE SUSPENSE !!!
BlackGlacier's avatar
OMG. Wait... maks sense. All of Celestia's memories were poured in... right?
Snail-Duck's avatar
what I just realized while reading this for the 15th time... paper can't use wing blades, why did I just realize this now.Freddy Facepalm Chat Icon idiot.
yeah, i realized that myself just today: Wing Blades are a pegasus-type weapon, which means that Victory Wing was a pegasus!
Snail-Duck's avatar
yep. the dots connect!
KawaiiMichie's avatar
Whoa.. So, both of Tia's lovers are reborn in this reincarnation..
Sturmlion1's avatar
Her two previous lovers, minds melded into one body.
LadySolonna's avatar
awkward or great?
the quastione is that
Leafheart8's avatar
Heh, Moonlight Sonata.:D (Big Grin) 
Daralydk's avatar
that, can be confusing
hunterN05's avatar
Ooooh my, interesting... very interesting.
Wertyla's avatar
Celestia had (at least) two lovers... and the memories of both are now in one changeling. It seems that the "love memory" method of resurrection is extremely flawed. Memories can be imperfect and it would be impossible for Celestia to know EVERYTHING about Paper and her life, which would be essential for the spell to work properly. It's still quite likely that this thing Celestia mistakes for Paper isn't EITHER lover.
Zilverstroom's avatar
does (s)he realise what (s)he's saying?
TheJumpyFox's avatar
I'm surprised that she isn't surprised by the fact she remembers having wings.
tigreanpony's avatar
That was great so Celestia has both her lovers in one pony this will be interesting. Though I don't think it would be two seperate personalities here I have a feeling they are merging into one personality, the thing is will she still love Celestia as much as Celestia loves her when the merge is complete. It seems I missed this page before I commented on the next one -shrugs-.
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Liberty Wing? The name itself is fuckable.
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very interging hm... yes...

good job once again vav too. 
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how is she supoused to use her wing blades without wings?
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