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To Love Alicorn Part 22

"I'm not here to serve you, Princess. I'm here to serve Equestria. Everything for all people.

Warning : This comic is direct sequel of "To Love God - To Love Mortal"…
And sharing universe and timeline with Crazy Future and Chaos Future…

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First : To Love Alicorn Part 01

Previous : To Love Alicorn Part 21

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Wait, Celestia's gone? Why?
JinYiLim's avatar
She teleport away with her lover at Part 16
leebk201's avatar
"Element bearers"... how sad this part is.
Leafheart8's avatar
I like this guy, can we keep him?  Also, can we have more guards like him?
Rasinycon's avatar
Call of Duty... waauut??
izzyo816's avatar
That quote in the description is helpful for understanding the characters, nice job
also... element bearers? You intrigue me fellow bro of pony
EnderWolfPro's avatar
yep, that guy definitely looks like shining
This guard needs a promotion
ZsoronZ's avatar
HE is shining armor!
Shootindstargamer's avatar
Twilight royal guard do you want to by in my dark list too???
KingBowser425's avatar
Much comments. So hype. Such finish
KingBowser425's avatar
Nice series so far. Please continue.
ToonHolt's avatar
hujan86's avatar
Any spoilers on Princess Moon? Will she return or is this comic somehow going to focus on Cadence & Chrysalis.
Raile21's avatar
I wonder if the nobles are as aggravating as hundreds of years ago, hmm I wonder if Blueblood descendant is still there as well.
marinus18's avatar
I wonder where princess Luna is right now. It's still early in the morning so where is she?
You know, 'Tia overdid it during the whole thing with Paper, but she really does need to take unscheduled vacation more often. (Just not for years on end.) It would be good to train Equestria to not be so dependent on the constant availability of 'Tia.
Drakenhof's avatar
And what about Luna?
March4Fun's avatar
BBBHuey's avatar
How do we know that? We didn't see them come in.
Hellshooter's avatar
*Adjusts glasses* Actually, In the Dialogue earlier in the story, They obviously  address the fact that the Chaglings were waiting right outside the gates of cantrolot and allowed themselves to be taken into canterlot by the guards...

Plus, let's say they may have "snuck in", where's the point in that? The whole purpose of being there was for negotiations, if they "illegally" snuck into the castle, they would be caught and thrown into the dungeon instead of talking with the princess in the throne room. Why would they want to cause conflict when they came to end conflict?
Daiskida's avatar
'Cause conflict? Ummm..Hello! Reality check, they are still in a conflict. Hell, Chryssy's un-announced arrival earns her jack, she did't come to declare surrender or anything like that. She simply demands help and think it'll be granted to her and that Celestia is dumb enough to ignore all of Chrysalis crimes.
Hellshooter's avatar
Fine then, they didn't want to cause "more" conflict then they already have.
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