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To Love Alicorn Part 20

"Cadence use tackle. Chrysalis and Cadence left the throne room."

Warning : This comic is direct sequel of "To Love God - To Love Mortal"…
And sharing universe and timeline with Crazy Future and Chaos Future…

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First : To Love Alicorn Part 01

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Her hair looks like glitter glue

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Aw, I was hoping to see Shining Armor get brutal, bloody, torturous revenge on Chrysalis for mind-controlling him, proving him weak and worthless and inferior to Chrysalis. Getting mind-controlled, being reduced to someone's puppet, is so humiliating. Shining Armor couldn't redeem himself by freeing himself or even resist slightly. He's not a man. The only way he could've redeemed himself was through vengeance, and now he can't even have that.
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Me his is what happens when you prey on loved ones

Love can be pure and happy or it can create the most dangerous enemies
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Well... that just happened.
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Mother of luna!!! 😨 note to my self not make a mare mad 😕awesome cómic ☺
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Well, that backfired Chrysalis.
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Damn, don't mess with Cadence..
That wasn't Tackle, Cadence used Take down.
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Nightmare Cadence
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the Chrysalis Gruad:"What the hell?What about me?"
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........welp..... there in for a shock....
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Possible dark cadence name: broken heart.
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Them eyebrows I have a feeling Chryssy's hive won't go hungry now...
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Cadence be like: :iconcoachrapefaceplz:

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well sombody had better explain where shining is.
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I think he croaked a few years ago.
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oh... well where is the strip that shows that?
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Well, this takes place 160yrs later and it says so a few pages back, preferably in the beginning.
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I think this is the "ugly" side to love.
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