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To Love Alicorn Part 19

"You gonna go far Chrys. You just awake the Dark Romance(Cadence's dark form)"

Warning : This comic is direct sequel of "To Love God - To Love Mortal"…
And sharing universe and timeline with Crazy Future and Chaos Future…

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First : To Love Alicorn Part 01

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This is the part wen she say "well shit"
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never see again!???? what the anus!?! When did THAT happen?!??
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Probably somewhere in the 160 years that lead up to this point (from the present). Look at Page 1's description. This story seems to take place 160 years in the future.
reminds me of an interesting story:…
(in that story Celestia and Chrysalis are in love, and Cadence goes crazy trying to separate them...)
Twilight get enraged,Clandice about to go Berserk. Looks like Crystalist attic about to backfire volcanically
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Oh yeah that's right , I forgot about the 160 year thing
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wait what? please explain or link me to the explanation >< I'm so lost
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Page one said (in the description) something about ''160 years later''.
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So then, just dead from old age? Hell is everyone essentially dead and gone (referring to the other 5) and Spike too I take it? I haven't found another story (like this one or the FIRST one with "Paper") about events during these missing 160 years
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Well, I'm not exactly sure about Spike, but I can say that every pony that isn't an alicorn is dead now. (Mainly the Mane 5 and Shining Armor)
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Cadence deserves that for being such an asshole :D
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Nice move Chrysi, but a bit dangerous in the long run...
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Hmm... one must wonder... where are Cadence and Shining's descendants. They did have a child after all. unless that never happened in this canon. but I suppose that is irrelevant? *shrug*
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Pretty sure this was made before we saw FH
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Oh yeah....the 160 year thing...yeah, but I still refraise my last comment.
Oh God .....

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That's Karma, Cadence. More will come once Chryssie bits the shit out of you while wearing your boy toy's skin. Gon b gud!

Yeah, kind of a low blow for Chryssie, but, in all honesty, this time Cadence started it. The changellings come in peace, in a meager force, after, what, 200 years of not doing anything against Equestria as a whole, while they are dying off or getting crippled due to starvation, then Celestia love-brainwashes one of Chryssie's drones and kidnaps him, then the two princesses immediately try to attack her? Yeah, I'm with Chryssie on this one. Cadence and Twilights are c*nts.

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That's what I'm talking about lol
wait why didnt they turn shing in to a alicorn so cadice and shing can live togther forever 
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Because it's not his destiny. Because Element Of Harmony don't choose him. Because not everypony can be an Alicorn.
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