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To Love Alicorn Part 17

"Save the land from the villain. It's what we always did"

Warning : This comic is direct sequel of "To Love God - To Love Mortal"…
And sharing universe and timeline with Crazy Future and Chaos Future…

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First : To Love Alicorn Part 01

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And who made her one?

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I still don't get why, people think chrysalis is sympathetic, she's an arrogant and greedy queen, her speech made it very clear she wasn't there to feed her people but to takeover equestria and enslave it's people, only reason she says now she's feeding her people is a muniplitive speech to garner others sympathy to get others on her side, because she's too cowardly to fight on her own and can't hide behind her Army anymore or use force.

Before the Season 6 ending was aired I guess.

As in they probably started writing and drawing this comic before the Season 6 final that cemented Chrysalis as an uncaring, megalomaniac tyrant.

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this was established long before in season 6, all the way back in season 3, where left a young princess to die in a cave and takeover the capital

Yes but it did seem like she at least cared about the changlings.

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when exactly, and I fail too see how that absolves the attempted murder

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They should just compromise and have ponies offer up their love to them willingly 
Emptysmiley's avatar
That's not a compromise by any definition that's an outright submission
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Ponies are quick to forgive but slow to trust
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FC: This is why I live in the Everfree Forest! Because of your stupid "White Knight" bullshit, thinking you are always in the right, when in the end, you tend to hurt others. At this point, I am going to slap some sense into you stupid love-obsessed, match-making idiot! *slaps Cadance*
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Chrysalis had the best reason for trying to take over. Everyone else had selfish reasons, but she was just trying to feed her people. I want her to return in the show. Like, for a peace treaty. She deserves a second chance.Chibi Queen Chrysalis Icon 
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I don't understand exactly. They leave an entire species to die, because of THEIR OWN FAULT, and then everytime they try to feed, they attack them? They were so hungry, they had to raid. 
Emptysmiley's avatar
First of all, starvation is not a valid reason to attack another nation that's not how the world works, second of all by definition they are invaders considering they attacked a princess on her wedding and left her for dead inside a cave while their queen which by the way has not taking any responsibility for, took her place which is grounds for immediate execution or life in the dungeon if she is lucky, saying it's "BECAUSE OF THEIR OWN FAULT" Is not a valid defense chrysalis is a monster through and through she's shown zero remorse for her actions took no responsibility and even tried playing victim by playing "we were starving so our terrorism is justified" bs
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I completely agree. Do you think if they do have an episode where she returns, they'll touch up on starvation?
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I am with the bug pony with this one (I am too lazy to spell queen cheese legs real name)
*Beginning* "Aw wow this is so heart warming, how swee-" *Present* "... welp. Now the mood is killed." *Walks off*
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Crissy! Save your peoples D:

Nice job.
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Wow, did they leave a colony to die of starvation? I think I'm starting to root for Queen chrysalis more and more.
Wow you princesses aren't smart
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Oh, nice, first they (well, okay, Celestia) kidnaps one of her subjects and now they want to off her after she came in peace to help her dying race, not only dying, but being horrifically altered due to the shortage of food, lots being born braindead. And all because she crashed a wedding. Yes, she did wrong back then, but she was trying to feed her people. And she didn't really do anything wrong afterwards.

Remind me again, who was Discord originally? A cruel tyrant ruling the whole world and revelling in sadism? And he got a second chance, while Chrysalis doesn't? Riiiiiiight. Unless Discord's not been reformed in this universe, dunno.

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Nah Discord was reformed here.
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