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To Love Alicorn Part 16

"What should we do with our little invader"

Warning : This comic is direct sequel of "To Love God - To Love Mortal"…
And sharing universe and timeline with Crazy Future and Chaos Future…

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First : To Love Alicorn Part 01

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Oh come on, Cadance! They're starving and came to beg for help!
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Please for the love of god tell me that I'm not the only one that thought of a certain tiny alien when the words "Little invader" were said--
Same, I thought the same...
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I seem to have been banned. I'm not sure what went wrong, but I will try to fix it. 
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That changeling in a defensive stance. "I will defend you my queen" "Against two alicorns, i think not."
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Gotta admire his dedication.
Maybe he could at least buy some time for the queen's escape.
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Chrysalis only brought one guard with her. She really come in peace.
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Get them lunch? I mean Celestia just kidnapped a bodyguard of a head of state.
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No wonder these princesses always have trouble, they're DENSE as a brick!

Were you posers paying any bleeding attention!?
Raziel-chan's avatar
So, uhh... She comes in peace, trying diplomacy, they forcibly convert and kidnap one of her subjects and now want to "deal" with her? Not cool, not cool.

And yes, regardless of whose soul is in that changelling, it's still one of her subjects that's just been kidnapped.

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Offer them tea and crumpets?
I just read scene in part 10, and now part 16 disturb me. Chrysalis literally said that her kind of starving to death and that she came to negotiate, and they threat Chrysalis like garbadge.

I undestand that it is necesery to move forward with the story, but at least Twilight should show some symphaty and try to reason with Cadence or at least raise an objection.

Did ponies became heartless over past 100 years? Ready to reform Discord in the past, but have no problem with not stopping a genesoide and treating diplomats like invaders now.
Emptysmiley's avatar
Heartless?, many seem to forget that chrysalis despite all the undeserved praise is a manipulator, who will do and say just about anything to get her way, and also seem to forget this love resource is at the expense of others,

my point is why should they trust her, she's proven to be conniving and vindictive, showing this by the state of the original cadence in the crystal mines,

and her speech in the throne room stating she wasn't there for her people saying she just wanting to take equestria over and enslave the inhabitants.

So tell me why should she be trusted?, I genuinely want to know?
It doesn't change the fact that ponies actions in here are still heartless. They would just lock in or turn Chrysalis to stone and won't care if her species starve in the process.

Manupulator or not, this is not how you threat someone who come as a diplomat, and Chrysalis isn't even using any disquise.

Long story short, nothing in here makes any sense at all. Forgiving ponies that are allowing Discord another chance, and then threat Chrysalis as a invader, even though she negotiate without using any disquise. Makes no sense to me. Also, even at war between kings, you don't simply attack ruler of another country who come to your throne room in attempt to make peace. The least ponies should offer is diplomatic immunity.
Emptysmiley's avatar
Trust is a strong word, discord had metaphorical guns aiming at him the second he was released, in the form of the elements of harmful at the threat of being turned to stone the second he made one funny move, makes sense he was god of chaos and was the threat to the entire land, his crimes were pranks causing mild mental harm and messing with the land and environment.

And diplomat or not, she still assaulted two princesses and kidnapped the advisor twilight, her 'poor' people caused destruction of the capital and most definitely the inhabitants, and brainwashed and drained the captain of the guard, if the pony's were truly heartless like you say then she would have been shot and stabbed on sight or even imprisoned, frankly she's lucky there just pointing the spears at her.
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They don't know that.
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