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To Love Alicorn Part 09

"I might be a villain but I'm not a tyrant..." Chrysalis

Warning : This comic is direct sequel of "To Love God - To Love Mortal"…
And sharing universe and timeline with Crazy Future and Chaos Future…

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hmmm, Nope this is your fault Chrysalis.

It was your choice to invade Equestria with no warning or declaration of war, it was your choice to kidnap ponies and impersonate royalty, your choice to make yourself an enemy when you should have known (thanks to your spies) full well that the ponies (Especially the Princesses) would have been willing to help with your love problem.

I'm sorry I feel no symphony for her, only for her subjects who suffer under her foolishness.

Personally I always like this version of Chrysalis even more. She's flawed and uses immoral ways to invade a peaceful country, but it's to save her people rather than hoarding love like canon power-hungry Chrysalis does. I do love anti-villains than plain old villains.

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And another thing, so pony's are the bad guy because they defended themselves from a dangerous threat?, the changelings attacked quite ruthlessly I might add and were rather smug about it in the end, now their seen as the victims all because they sealed their by attacking in the first place, possibly ruining lives and kidnapping innocent civilians, and now hunger is a valid excuse for what basically equites to terrorism, when they could've asked sure the pony's would have been cautious but that doesn't excuse the results above, both are intelligent speaking beings, they could've discussed this, and worked something out, if anything it's the Queen's fault for making war a valid option to her people sealing their fate, she has no one to blame but herself
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Based on the cannon show and what the world looks like if the changelings got their way she's spewing absolute garbage
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Here's a question; how could Tia even tell rather or not someone is an incarnation of her lover?
JinYiLim's avatar
that is a question that us mortal will not know how to answer
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hey look at the father of the changeling drone isn't he the bodyguard of the young queen 
he has the x sign on his face
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The feels are real.
MesuYoru's avatar
I must say I really love your version of Chrysalis and not that show one. Yours takes care of her own kind and don't just use them as a weapon. 
12WingsIsrael's avatar
Shenronn's avatar
Everyone suffers
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what will queen chrysalis look like when she reform will she be the our 6 alicorn
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It's called SHARING love. Ponies would be willing to GIVE YOU love if you weren't so fixated on TAKING it. 
cinabunbun's avatar
i would invite changlings to my wedding

but then again im gonna be a crazy cat lady dancing-cat emoji 
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I have to admit, that's a genius of a twist! Showing the other side's way of life and how they are effected by the loss they suffered.
BlackGlacier's avatar
funny how the MLP universe still hasn't actually show the differences of drones and generals in Changeling society
Mora0711's avatar
They do in the comics. The Generals wear armor while the drones don't.

Drones, as nouns in my dictionary, are defined as: hanger-onparasiteleechpassengerbottom feeder; idlerloaferlayaboutgood-for-nothingdo-nothing; informal lazybonesscroungerspongerfreeloaderslackerBut I think here she's using the insect's definition of a drone. Basically in a hive, Drones are the ones that are unable to work within the colony due to some defect. They can't contribute and have to be taken care of by the rest of the hive. For example, male drone bees are practically blind and can forage for food to help with the honey making. They depend completely on the other bees. In fact the only thing they are good for is breeding.

In other words a Mindless Drone can't survive on its own and can't contribute to the hive. As a result the only service it can provide is fighting in the MLP case.
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God I hate Cadence so much in this comic.
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Poor Chrysalis, ruling over a starving race.
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Ever since I saw "Canterlot Wedding", I was sure Chrysalis was not a villain. Sure, she was a bit... obtuse, but at the end of the day she was only trying to save her people from starvation. If the roles had been reversed, we would be cheering on Twilight and co. as they ignored Chrysalis' sovereignty and stole food (or love) to save Equestria. I wish the MLP staff would explore her character more.
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Dang, way to look at the other side of things D:
Wait0wat's avatar
Well shit.

Could have tried being legitimate "queen" chrysalis

In adherence to your own power hierarchy you have clearly been failing your so called "people" for a long time now.
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every villain believes they are the hero of their own story, and that every hero is the villain for theirs.

(why is it when you get villains that go by that formula they are more interesting)
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