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To Love Alicorn Part 01

"It's been 160 years now...Where are you, my reborn love...."

Warning : This comic is direct sequel of "To Love God - To Love Mortal"…
And sharing universe and timeline with Crazy Future and Chaos Future…

English Editor :

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Who are they talking about?

Paper. Celestia's second lover. She was killed to preserve her soul for reincarnation.

i practically cried on the last one it was so awkward because my family was around and they were so confused lol
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;0; I saw the previous comic on this a while ago, and I was dying to find out what happened, I didn't know there was another part ;o Hope Paper is ok. I love all of your comics btw vavacung! Stay awesome~
You do know how selfish you've made them here, right?
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Why do you think so?
How to explain... well, I supose what I should say first is that this is not an attack or even a critique but rather.... a difference of perspective on personal philosophy.

Reincarnation, at its core, is about a perspective. Rich, poor, well, ill, a person, under this philosophy, is meant to travel many roads, live many lives. Celestia, because she cannot bear to let someone go and be a light in another persons travels, to be an experience for others, stifles growth. The soul of this person stagnates, and others go without having that experience.

Luna... well, she's just be petualnt and stupid, and ends up chasing the person she claims to love away. And I don't think she loved her in the first place, she was just in love with love
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There was time in my life when i had some similiar thoughts... not anymore. I don't like reincarnation concept, because of "mind-wipe", i mean, what's the point if you can't regain your memories? It's not fully you anymore, if at all. It's easier to start from scratch, because everything is not messed up. On the one side, mind strucked in some thinking patterns because of memories/knowledge s/he has and it's very hard to change how you think. But after "mind-wipe" there is nothing left from the person, apart from may be some "natural" wisdom if person had decent life.

I mean, i don't like myself, i don't like my life, where i am, but it still better than nothing.

Basically, you want to say that, because Celestia is immortal, she can "bypass" some aspects of universe order, but when she directly interfere (revelation of reincarnation, making love her again the same person), everything turns from bad to worse?

About Luna, i don't quitte get it. I guess you are saying that from a perspective that you read all of "to love alicorn?"? Because i had not read it yet.
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160yr after the first. Damn, what a jump.
That and AJ disappeared-

I'm estatic with the humbling limit but disappointed that a precious life was lost for it
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I got to say that is a great piece of work! 
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Next page isn't out? reread the entire series again!!
this is my fifth time and i'm still not tired of it!
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Owo!!!, this is getting good :3
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Alright round two lets go! I'm expecting a tail of romance, heart break, and a murder of most foul! 
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If its one century, then its "a century later" if its more than one century, then its "centuries later"
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Can we have a timeline?
What is the proper protocol if your lover is reborn as, say, a snail? Do you just ignore her and wait for the next cycle?
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Actually I think I heard something about reincarnation, saying that you can't get smaller or regress through your next lives. It's an evolution thingy where you always become better in the next life. So I think being reincarnated as a snail might be impossible if you believe the reincarnation rules. Although I might be wrong who knows:)
Reincarnation just means that after you die, you have another life (possibly immediately, possibly not). Beyond that, the rules depend on what story you're reading/watching or what religion you're following. But to the best of my knowledge, in most traditions where reincarnation is a progression towards some goal, it is absolutely possible to move backwards if you live a bad life.
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why do I feel this is gonna be a tearjerker?
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because the last one was 
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