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The Adventure Logs Of Young Queen Set 01

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This is a little event I come up for all my patron to have some fun. It's a story of young hybrid pony-changeling who try to find her father.

This is "Your Decide Picture series". Or I call it "Comment Driven Story". All of patrons will decide what happens in this story.  

If you don't know what is   "Comment Driven Story" See this "Moonstuck" as the example

This series is free to read for all of you in every time it reach 5 pages. But if you want the chance to comment and decide the action of young queen. You can join by being my patron. "All" of patrons can join this event. Even you give just 1$ per month you still can join this and get early access on this series!!

Have fun to watch my young queen journey. Everyone! XD

My Patron :


First : - Here -

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so, Shining Armor secret daugther in a "storie were you are the hero"...

why i only see that now???

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I like this choose your own fanfiction(adventure) type story for patreon. It's a great idea and interesting for any type of story.
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Using up energy for something like checking the map is really silly but otherwise this is pretty good so far
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This is a great story but that's gonna be one...."awkward" encounter in the Crystal Empire
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Soooo... Chrysalis basically raped Shining Armor?
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really wish The author can understand Chinese。。。。
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ooh cool!―――From China
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I'm going to guess that her dear father is none other than Shining Armour.
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Darn, I'm not a patron. Oh well, I can still enjoy the read. And thanks for doing this.
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I remember these books (Choose Your Own Adventure).  Good work, as always.
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Rest young one, for you'll need energy for your night travels. Rest during the scalding day, so you can move swiftly through the cold night. And a word of advice Young Queen. If you will be scared to use your magic now, you might not have a chance to use it at all. You've lost a lot of water Dearest. Slash a cactus with your magic, and get some water at sundown. Then, go, and swiftly as the wind, to Appleloosa. It's bigger than Dodge Town. It will be easier to blend in.
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Rest for now. 
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Rest. You need your energy.
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look at the picture of your father
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wait, don’t tell me the father is Shining Armor

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Half pony, black scarf lost by the father fighting Sombra.

Father=Shining Armor
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guess Chrissy got her bit of revenge on Cadence for "stealing" (taking back) her husband.
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If I tried to make a game with this and got the motivation to finish it would you draw the scenes/sprites?
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No. Sorry. I don't have much time.
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