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[Teaser] Filly Fooling



"Destiny made me be Fillyfooler and now destiny make me fall in love with colt. Did it tried to mocking me!?" - Filly Fooling

One filly name "Filly Fooling" with two female symbol as cutie mark fall in love with colt in female dress. She become confuse with her heart and her destiny. Can she love male with her name and cutie mark represent her to be able to love only female? How this conflict will end?

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*FillyFooler = Female pony who interesting in another female pony.
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Why people get mad over this comic? This stuff happens all the time inrl, or maybe because it breaks there "you are born with it" mentality (when you are not, this fact even proven by science).

It's actually something that often causes depression amongst these people, who are les and in love with a guy. They want to love the guy so badly, but have to fight against what they mentally perceive to be real. it goes the same for transgenders who fall in love with someone, but think that it makes them gay/les (when it's a straight relationship to the outside world) They fight their own inner feelings to change themselves and often seek outside help.

Most of the time this works, and they live a happy life with the person they love. The ones who regret it are the ones who don't fight for the person they fall in love with, and stick to what they mentally perceive is right about themselves. (often ending up living a lonely life).

Already seen the ending to this myself, went an interesting path. I liked it. Was done so smartly. (though I would have had a slightly different ending myself, parts of it didn't make sense, other then that, great)