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[TALOYQ Side Art] Another Unrequited Love



*This side art is a part of series The Adventure Log Of Young Queen…

*Scootaloo in this story is the same Scootaloo from this PMV of mine…

"Ever since Spike had grown up into a mature age, both mentally and physically, he finally had the courage to confess his love to mare representing generosity…But she didn't return those same feelings to him, not even giving him a chance to prove himself…He became very depressed after that, but managed to move on like a proper adult. And after looking passed the mare of his first crush, he could finally see the world more clearly and had finally noticed that there have been other mares who were interested in him. But never did he know until now, when he no longer had his eyes only on the white unicorn.

Learning from the past made him realise what it felt like not getting the chance to prove his love. He gave all mares (except Twilight) a chance to try dating with him and see if they were good to be together or not. Most mares were only interested in his body and got rejected not long after, but there was still others who were more interested for who he was inside. Scootaloo was one of those mares.

Those two used to date before, and Spike had helped Scootaloo to set up a Repair Shop inside the old Cutie Mark Crusader clubhouse, once she deemed herself old enough to leave the Orphanage and live on her own. After he saw her as a grownup that was mature enough to take care of herself, they never even broke up. Yet Spike’s heart was smitten by another mare, and he chose to marry Applejack, the last mare he promised to date with.

As for Scootaloo, he just didn't choose her…And he never even told her why. Never told her what she was lacking, what she did wrong…She just didn't end up being the chosen one. So their relationship remains cloudy to this day, is she either a friend or a lover? She didn’t know, for it was something so close to romance, but yet never seemed so far from it...

Be it's didn't matter to her anymore. She don't mind to be just friend with Spike. Manage to end the Unrequited Love conflict on her own. She believe that someday the orphan mare like her will found a good stallion, as good as Spike to settle down. To having a warm family and child with him. And she will never let her child become an orphan like her.”

All clue about Spike used to date some other mares before :

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