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Some man to love me

Anon No.1 : *Doesn't know how to comfort a mare* Lyra.... Please don't cry. I'm sorry that I can't return your feelings, but I believe that it much there is some stallion out there who will love more than I ever could. He... he would want to have a family with you and grow old together. *Sits down to hug Lyra and pet her. Trying to comfort her*

Lyra : *Crying* I....I don't want any stallion. I don't want any pony to love me! I just want a human....I want just one human... I want you to love me!!! Love me please....Let me love you....

Bonbon : *Doesn't know what to do*
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Por favor has otro dibujo de Lyra x Humano ya que da la imprecion de estar en Equestria

mista bueno por favor no te tardes en poner otra imagen de humano y pony que esta bueno 
Esto si que da esperanza a los que quieran ir a Equestria enserio
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I can see Bon Bon starting to cry.

I bet it's because she feels sad for Lyra.
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I held her as tightly as I dared as she sobbed into my chest, soaking my already-wet shirtfront even more. Why couldn't she understand that I couldn't give her what she wanted? That I was just too different. She said she wanted me but what she really wanted was someone so different that I just had to be the right one...right? Wasn't that it? I felt guilty and desperate as the heartbroken pony wept and plead to me, her friend standing by helplessly. But this was the way it had to be, she had to get over it...unless..

All time seemed to slow to a crawl as I mustered up my dwindling courage and managed to croak out her name.

"y-ye-*sob-yes?" she managed to gasp out between bouts of crying

"Lyra, do you just want *me*? Or do you want everything...with me? Marriage, a family, loving each other until one of us passes away? Working out the differences between our bodies and our beliefs? If you want to love MUCH do you want of me?"

With a great effort she lifted her head and looked into my eyes with hers, her face stained with tears. It took all the breath she could muster to say one word with her whole being behind it. "Everything."

I could see the faintest flicker of hope remaining in those windows to her soul, the ones that were pouring out rivers of hurt and confusion. And in that moment I realized the true extent of the gift Lyra was offering me: her very being. Her heart and dreams and desires. It was the biggest gift a girl - pony or human - could choose to give someone and here I was ready to refuse it all like an unwanted Christmas present.

So I took the biggest chance of my life and spoke as gently as I could to her. "Then if that is truly your heart's desire, and if you really know how much extra work it will be for us to be as one, we can take the first steps toward that goal. I won't promise anything. I can't. But if you're this willing to try for me, I'm willing to try for you."
por favor esto es fascinante de Humano y Pony esta genial
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make a clon, as easy as that

Yeah, don’t they have the equestrian magic to make clones out of pond water

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Wish we could see a little more of this tale.... I remembered the other day and Wished to see some more, anyhow, thanks for sharing!
aun me conmueve esta imagen por que no subes otra imagen de HUMANOS Y POYS
I'll be honest look has spent more than a year what you have uploaded an image of HUMAN AND PONY and sincerely liked me a lot and many people like if you want motivation for more images entonses have new things but do not avoid Asher HUMAN AND PONY
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Makes me wonder why she fell in love with this particular human.
I really wish this would turn into a comic series
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Minor note (I hadn't read the other comics leading up to this one and was simply making up a story based on the above comic as if it stood alone. Enjoy :) 

Me, (The little bug with the big voice) "TWILIGHT!!!! THIS MARE NEEDS A TRANSFORMATION SPELL ON THE DOUBLE!"

Twilight teleports in having heard the little bug's voice, "Are you sure? What if they aren't meant to be together?" 

Me, "Anon, would you take this mare to be your wife if she were human?" 

Anon, "uh, I'd... I'd have to think about that... I think we should date first before making any life changing decisions." 

Me, "Good answer." Looking up at twilight.

Twilight, "I guess it wouldn't hurt to try." 

Lyra, "you mean.. Sniff, You'll turn me into a human?" 

Twilight, "Or as close as I can get you to one. Lucky for you I've been working on a spell that has similar effects to the one the Mirror leading to the human world has." 

Twilight tenses, her horn glows, light ribbons uncoiling from her horn's spiral wrap themselves around Lyra, cocooning her inside... a small green half of a heart, like a glowing star, floats out of the cocoon's wall and hovers in the air.
Anon looks at the glowing shell with the form of Lyra changing inside and a single tear falls from his eyes which glows in the setting sun's light, and transforms into a red half of a heart.

The two halves unite as one with a flash, the new glowing heart spinning around faster and faster as it moves up over the top of the cocoon...  

The heart splits in half as it spins and what looks like DNA strands flickering in the spinning light appear between the two halves... light and color from the red half passes into the green part while light and color from the green half passes into the red part.  

Then both heart halves with their DNA strands spinning farther and farther apart begin to spiral down and around the outside of the cocoon making the inside glow brighter and brighter... when the spinning hearts reach the bottom they spiral up to the top again.

 Twilight strains as the spell nears completion...

The little blue bug hangs onto the couch's armrest for dear life as the spinning heart's magic stirs up a powerful wind.

The Two halves reach the top of the cocoon and, as Twilight strains once last time, the pieces join as one in a shining rainbow of light and power.

The Cocoon shimmers with showers of light as a crack appears in its walls... The crack spreads out and with a powerful explosion of energy in all the colors of the rainbow a beautiful girl at least 20 years old clad in a dress of glowing green crystal floats softly down into the arms of Anon.

Her eyes stir and when she opens them she sees her true love staring into her heart with his own.

Anon, "Lyra? is that you?"

Lyra, Tearing up with joy, "Yes... my love." 
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Anon : This isn't about you are pony or human, Lyra. But it because I love Bonbon. I don't care if she is human or pony. I love Bonbon because she is Bonbon...
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(Note please feel free to hide my comments if you don't like where the story is going. It's your's after all :)

Lyra :"Wha-What?! Sniff... I've done everything I can think of to get you to accept me..." a tear falls from her eyes. 

Me: "Well... I guess there is only one thing left to do..." 

Twilight, "I'm so sorry Lyra... I guess I should turn you back..." 

Lyra, "NO!! I want to stay like this... maybe someone out there will love me... maybe..." 

In the corner where the little bug has been standing an explosion of light erupts!

After wincing from the blinding light the group looks on at a tall Human man about 7 feet tall... His hair is silvery white and his eyes are golden with a light and a glow behind them. 

"Hello Lyra." 

Everyone's mouths gape at the stranger. 

The Man smiles, "What? Is there something on my face?" 

Twilight, "You? You're the little bug that called me here?" 

Man, "Yes... My name is Silquin (Sil-cwen) I'm a Shapeshifter... not like the changelings you know but a little similar... Life is quite enjoyable when you can take the form of just about anything. But... if you'd like Lyra... Maybe we could spend the rest of our lives together..." 

Lyra looks up into the warm and comforting eyes of this new human... all her dreams... all her wishes... more than she had ever hoped for... She begins to cry again... though no longer are these the tears of a broken heart but.. the tears of her heart's prayers truly answered!

She walks over on her wobbly legs still getting use to her new form... Silquin smiles and opens his arms to her... she falls into his arms and they embrace. 

Twilight smiles a tearful smile as Anon and Bonbon smile as well. 

Lyra looks back at Anon... "Thank You... Maybe we weren't meant for each other... but... (she looks into her new human friend's eyes) I guess "we" were meant for something more."

Lyra walks out with Silquin... they smile into each other's eyes and head out into the setting sun's last gleaming rays... 

Twilight breaths a sigh of relief as Bonbon and Anon give each other a hug.

3 years later... Silquin and Lyra were married... Silquin and Lyra had many children... and though Lyra didn't at first know it... Silquin had granted her a part of his power... They didn't age as normal humans do... they lived long into the golden years of Twilight's reign... Their children made many wonderful contributions to the land of Equestria.  And though not every day was perfect... they worked through their hardships together and lived happily ever after. 
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Twilight : Lyra...I want to ask you something. Do you love Anon because Anon is Anon or because he is a human?
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(in continuation from reply 2)

Lyra stops and ponders for a moment. "Both... I love Anon because of his heart and his personality and also because he is a human."
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awww cmon do u have a heart inside ur body she begging you like that anon just give her just alittle love man!
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"Screw him Lyra! I'll be your man!"
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What a fool. Love is to be shared, not hoarded. We object to people hoarding everything else, why do we not object to the hoarding of the rarest of luxuries?
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Hggghhh!! * crits heart attack * Come on Anon!, love her! ;_; poor poor Lyra, everypony hug the poor dear now * hugs *
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this is the kind of thing that NEEDS a fanfiction.
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