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[Side Art] Redemption Tutor
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Published: March 19, 2017
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"Chrysalis want to redeem herself and become good. So Celestia introduce her to her friend that better suit this task."

2 Naughty version (Female Changeling Queen X Female Changeling Duchess , Lesbian Selfcest ensure) can be found early on patron for >=$10 patron => www.patreon.com/posts/8492336
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Lovebug meets Cuddlebug
magolor89's avatar
If the chrsalis of the original universe become good the chrysalis from the universe became bad or what?
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SeekerPartyStudent Photographer
why does her horn look like a knife? (reformed chys)
Dell-AD-productions's avatar
Dell-AD-productionsStudent Traditional Artist
What is that term when two of the same character from different universes meet?
erictheblue's avatar
i want to say "Juxtaposition"...
that was the name of an old book by Piers Anthony, where two dimensions were overlapping, causing people to MERGE with their parallel selves.
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scadlHobbyist Digital Artist
That's really good scene! ))
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ShinjitsuForeverStudent Digital Artist
Aww, I remember Duchess Chrysalis from the comics! She's really kind, I wonder how Genesis ( I use that term for any original character or the one that is really on the show/ that primary universe ) Chrysalis is gonna handle this.
TheRubyTales's avatar
TheRubyTalesHobbyist Traditional Artist
More like "really glad to meet me"
ChangelingFluttershy's avatar
well, this will be interesting.

To the describtion.
I know people would love to make money with what they Love to do. But, do you really have to advertise that you sell Porn pictures for money on an non-pornographic side ?
That gives me the message of someone desperately trying to get on money, even when that means to lure people in with there most basic natural needs.

I see many Artists on deviantart and more doing that.

Besides, was Patreon not planned as a donation and supporting site for Artists and more?
It starts to look more and more to become a Porn selling site for every Casual Artist that just walks by.
From my view point. That side is slowly corrupting to something very diffrent as it was planned to be in the first place.
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AstroanimationsHobbyist General Artist
Are you agree with SombraxCelestia?
lordmep's avatar
lordmepHobbyist Writer
Well that's a hell of a slap in the face. "Here's a better version of you to teach you how to not suck as a person."
Dezd7's avatar
Dezd7Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
wat the crossower -_-
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Laps-spStudent General Artist
no one understands you better than yourself
A1000faces's avatar
Tia: next to her is her companion fluffle puff
C: she dosnt look fluffle nor puff like mine
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sigel4everStudent General Artist
in theroy, Chrysalis looks like her counterpart in some point in the future...
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
Indeed! Queen looked like Duchess ( okay, she had a different mane-style and some other small differences ) till Celestia blasted her.
sigel4ever's avatar
sigel4everStudent General Artist
a clue about her future? (at least i have one theory in her future appear in the MLP map: she gonna be important in the battle)
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
No, I mean the evil Chrysalis was blasted by Celestia in the past, during the siege of Trot.
sigel4ever's avatar
sigel4everStudent General Artist
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
And that is where the crocked horn and the holes come from. At least according to the comics.
sigel4ever's avatar
sigel4everStudent General Artist
is one explanation, but in the series is another story (example: in comics, the CMC are too friendly with discord, but in the series, they didn't like the draconequs)
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
Well, the other Chrysalis is however also from the comics, so we can assume that this is set in the comic universe.
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