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[Side Art] No Girls Allowed in Guy's Night

"Pinkie hops around and stops and stares down at Discord and Twilight who where sleeping together with Discord curled around Twilight, almost protectively."

This is an illustration for epilogue of fiction version of "Guy Night" picture seies in Second World Vol 4 ( )

If you wish to read this fiction alongside the full color illustrations. You can read it early in Patreon (It's completed now in 6 chapters)

*You can read this fiction for free without any illustrations here =>…

*Be careful. It will be post in very slowly rate because lack of feedback and comments.
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Well there is an exception to every rule. Twilight is a special girl! ;)
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Awwww, this is too cute~!
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TWICORD!!!!!!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssss!!!!!!!
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That is adorable. :aww:
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Aaaw, so sweet. :)
The-Queen-Of-Mokonas's avatar
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Well, after a wild night of fighting paper cutout squids, they need their beauty rest, no? :)
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Eeeeeeeeeeeeee so cute!!!!!!
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Now i want a side romance story starring this two.
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Aww thats so cute and so sweet...
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I support this ship! 
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Alternate Dusk's parents confirmed?
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alternate dawn
KingJulianPoland's avatar
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So cute and cuddly
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Over cuteness!!!
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