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[Side Art] Double Date

"Once upon a time, I tried so hard to win the heart of the mare of generosity. I had trained myself to be a gentledrake, a prince-like dragon for her. But it never came to be…so now I don't mind to use my mannerisms with you, my special somerobot." Gentledrake Spike admits his love to the fake Sweetie Belle.

Warning : This story have no connection with Chaos Future!

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Yeetnoodlewrites's avatar
This- how- how did i-???? Wha?????????
Nautilus18's avatar
Feeding Fake Sweetie food is like putting Skittles in a gas tank.
Nautilus18's avatar
How is he playing this without thumbs? That takes some skill.
Cliff-Robotnik's avatar
Poor Sweetie, her robot-copy has better luck with romance then she does.
Nautilus18's avatar
How is he even playing the game? He doesn't have any fingers and all his hoofs are doing is holding the game up on the side.
kyurem2424's avatar
and that is why SpikeBelle works way way way better then whatever SweetieMash
Starbat's avatar
Aw, poor Sweetie Belle.  ^_^;
Discourt's avatar
Yeah, this would explain a lot. XD
LonerGir6891's avatar
Poor sweetie belle. If you ever date a man, he has to put your first before everything. You have to have her be his number one. What my mom says anyway.
megabottons's avatar
Y es cuando sucede ese momento incomodo... Por que no eligió a Spike desde un principio sweetie belle?

Michael Zelft: de seguro, por que el estaba enamorado de Rarity y por tal motivo ella no tuvo mucho interés por el. Hasta ahora...
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
Just curious, if Spike could have a baby with Sweetie Bot, what would it look like, and what would it's name be?
SongofVictory's avatar
Nah, it would just be a Furby with scales.
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
SongofVictory's avatar
No that would be what Sweetie-Bot would have to do. Before and possibly after.
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
Brolyie12's avatar
Hoof palm what a date bottom yes you can with later play your date is succeeded Yugi Facepalm  because sweetie pay your and do not go the way or kricht.

excellent work :) (Smile) 
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
Something tells me Spike took both Sweeties home that night, while Button just played his game.
Poor Sweetie Belle.
Brony4's avatar
Well you know dragons and hoards...
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
Exactly! That's the best type of hoard!
karkovice1's avatar
What I find funny about this is that Spike treats Sweetie BOT; i.e. the "fake" Sweetie Belle; better than Button Mash treats the real deal. =P
1stSuperboyFan's avatar
You know if Spike and Sweetie Bot ever wanted kids they can always install a cloning pod into the question is if they want to just make complete clone of Spike or get another d.n.a. sample to add to Spike's. Would if b weird if they asked for Sweetie Belle's d.n.a. ?
Mr-Dusk14's avatar
I wonder what Sweetie Belle's thought on Sweetie Bot is.
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