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[Side Art] Changeling Royal Guard

"Changeling Royal Guard ready for duty"

This Changeling is the same Changeling that appeared in comic "Changeling's Scout And The Book Of Daring Do" =>…

5 Naughty versions and 1 long loop naughty animation can be found early on Patreon
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Cutest royal guard :D
magolor89's avatar
Yo can find thtat image in rule 34 offial page
Obsidian-Bastion's avatar
Where do i sign up to become a royal guard? °^°  =w= 
YoshiRingo's avatar
is this the same cutie bug that stole that Guard's armor? OwO
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Makes me think of Idol Hooves from the story, The Changeling of the Guard by vdrake77 on fimfiction.
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DELICIOUSHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
HRH-Twilight-Sparkle's avatar
Awww look at those cute Blue eyes. 
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The question is,can she transform into a white dragon?
HRH-Twilight-Sparkle's avatar
If that happened, id scream. Also Thats from Yugiohi isnt it?
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can you please make the next second world comic on these to please
WhiteSoleil's avatar
I watch the show for the plot
zenitraMsj's avatar
“I’d hate to shoot a Butt like that”
Nyerguds's avatar
Side Art?

No, no, just say it like it is. 

Butt Art =p
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Aaaaaaaw yiiiiiiiis. :)
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Why you draw your Changelings so cute?!
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SkyPlayers644's avatar
First Guard: (nose bleeding) She is so cute.

Second Guard: seriously, this is a changeling.

First Guard: She is so cute.

Second guard: this-is-a-chan-ge-ling.

First guard: She is so cute.

second guard: hey! are you listening to me!

the first guard go to see the changeling female.

first guard: Hello, Nice to meet you!

Changeling: hello.

First guard: My name is Ultimate Hurricane. I am love...I mean, I am the captain of the first division.

Changeling: Oh, so you're the captain, I've been here to searching you. My name is Sagesse. Nice to meet you too.

The second guard approach the two creatures and present him self.

second guard: Hi, my name is Xehanort (kingdom hearts name is in alert :O) nice to meet you.

after the presentation, the soldier need strenght to beat the others creatures, Xehanort gone to the training, Sagesse wanted to go to, but Ultimate interupt her. She turned to him and see him. a little silent have to appear and he was corrupted by the kiss of Ultimate to Sagesse.

- I love you! he yelled.

after that kissing, they stay at the throne room and have just realized they have to go to the training.

after a month they do them first date, after they getting married and have a colt named Courage.

the end.
changeling: wait...did you say your name was Xehanort? EVERYBODY OUT OF THE UNIVERSE! ACTUALLY MAKE THAT THE MULTIVERSE! 
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