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[Side Art] Alien And Rarity

"Rarity used special body language to communicate and befriend with alien that coming from another world"

This is a none-canon spin-off of this picture (It's non-canon because this one is my idea.)…

2 Naughty Continue (Female Unicorn Pony X Male Mars People *Tentacle ensure* ) can be found early on Patreon
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Twilight is racist CONFIRMED 
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
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Well, maybe not, Twilight, but I'm sure a re-enactment is in order.
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Curious friendship there Rar ?w?
Metal slug alien, Classic
DeskManiac's avatar
I wonder what happened? Lol
samuraivalerie's avatar
.... *turns bright red and is mistaken for a traffic light*
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Crab- Ocean Pack : At least she's not crabby!

:ayylmao:    :ayylmao:   :ayylmao:   :ayylmao:  
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"... special body language..."

Oh boy.
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*Sees patreon version*
Welp Just as I suspected, the amount of Hentai I have watched has given me enough info on how did she befriend a tentacle alien life form.
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I know that alien! I played a game about it before!
Nice work!
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Note to Vavacung: none- = wrong ; NON- = correct

Just thought I'd say this....
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How can I see a naughty version?
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That was very cute, nicely done.
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Why did you accept that thing? They slaughtered a lot of people during the Metal Slug war.
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If we want alien,we can find them in Metal Slug X.....&.....Metal Slug XXWink/Razz 
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Twilight! I'm disappointed. Friendship knows no boundaries, y'know! :D (Big Grin) 
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Alien squid thing!! This reminds me of Metal Slug for some reason! XD
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it is from Metal Slug!
Awesome game! 
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