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[SFW Comic] World Destruction Cover

"Hello, dear. Welcome to the new SFW comic that I made for my public websites. To take a rest from making Chaos Future with difference story. This story will be standalone story that have no connection with any story of mine.

Thought, don't let the colorful cover page fool you. This comic will still be red/white comic. Because I can make each page fast this way. But I hope you like this!! >w<"


Warning : This story's an alternate universe. The wolrd, the character and the lore may difference from the canon show. Example : Twilight is stallion in this universe

Warning : This story having RPG theme. But it also have slice of life as main tag. So please don't expect any serious fight or adventure.

Warning : This comic will be post in every Monday and Thursday of each week. Except said day is holiday in my country.

Warning : Few number of love(Comments) might make comic page take long time to complete...

Warning : $5 Patrons get to see this comic 3 pages ahead of public watchers.…


First : ---- You are here ----
Previous : ---- No way back ----
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Dusk shine!!!!! Assasins creed dashie!!!!!!      My life is complete.
ShynyUmbreon's avatar
This villain reminds me of the Alicorn Amulet.
condescendence's avatar
Wait, Dusk Shine is the main protagonist?
Kmn483's avatar
I have no problem with your red and white theme, but why pick red? Imo, you should do a different color per comic ^~^
vavacung's avatar
I can see red better than other color. It's the color I used for sketch.
You see red the best. There for by making comics with a red tinge, you can make them quicker without losing quality.
Kmn483's avatar
Ah okay. Makes sense.
spamer921's avatar
the red causes you Tetrachromacy?
Foamy1025's avatar
But Chaos future will continue in future time right?

Also, which timeline will this story take place? 'Which season is it after'
vavacung's avatar
Read description please....
megabottons's avatar
is that Dark-Spike!?
Khai2000's avatar
So... the story will be in the style of Lovecraftian theme like Cosmic Horrors or End Times theme.
drums0003's avatar
Hheeeee! dusk shine! 
SgtTex's avatar
So is male Twilight's name still Twilight Sparkle or is it Dusk Shine?
LadyinStumptown's avatar
I like it already!
Shochu-Tachi's avatar
anyone else think taht symbol on the monster is a power button, or is that just me?? i'm trying to guess since Vavacung will add interesting jokes, and i'm trying to guess that's the only way they'll win. 
so what about to love alicorn 2 , when are you gonna continue it ???
vavacung's avatar
Somehow. That story seem already complete on itself. Celestia got her lover back. Cadence found new love, while Luna met with unsuccessful love. So...Chaos Future is actually the continue of To Love Alicorn. But Alicorn still not make an appeared yet. That all...
well, you said in the end of to love Alicorn that there will be a ss2 of it , so I just wondering, anyway your story is great ,I love it
vavacung's avatar
I think I have some idea around that time. Before I found that the idea is not good, way to bad and very short.  So I think I will let all alicorn join the Chaos Future instead and let people see their live after To Love Alicorn's event that way.
tigreanpony's avatar
Oh this will be interesting, not a big fan of rule 63 Twilight but looking forward to the comic.
Nikary's avatar
Oooooohhhh. Intriguing.
So I can see Twilight as a mage, AJ as a fighter, Dash as an assassin, and Fluttershy as a cleric. I can only guess that you intend this to be a 4 member party and that Rarity and Pinkie either have their roles in town commerce or their party roles are unknown.

P.S.: Did you mean Tuesday or Thursday on your update schedule?
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