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[S07E10] A Royal Problem [Comic]

"Who take care everypony dream when Luna gone?"
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She used daybreaker for the night role
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Better start running GlimGlam. Celestia ain't happy.
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Celly's face XD
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Hello! This comic is hilarious. Would you be okay with me dubbing it, given I credit you?
Magic-Lover2128's avatar
Oh, I think Starlight should skedaddle very soon.

But I also wondered the same thing so it’s nice to see somepony ask it.
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kinda remind me of Mistique from X-men, on the last panel
Why do I feel like Celestia is possessed by Sheogorath?
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On a day like today, a pony like you should be burning in Tartarus.
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Undertale reference
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You mean Underfail
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Ali: That is not good Instinct, that is COMMON SENSE. Every Human can say the same thing.
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One comic says that Celestia has an anti-Nightmare spell (really important considering Nightmare Moon was trying to control her dreams) and a second one says that she just stopped ponies from having Nightmares (which Luna wasn't very impressed with).
I prefer the first, as it also shows that Luna didn't know how to dreamwalk until after she was banished to the moon. Nopony took over dealing with nightmares when Luna was banished, because there was no job to take over; she didn't start doing that until her return.
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I wouldn't wanna be Starlight in that last panel! Faved.
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The answer to that is she didn't when Luna was gone no one was keeping everypony's nightmares in check
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To be fair, from what I hear Celestia's approach to Luna's duties during her 1000-year time-out was less "help ponies face their fears" and more "zap bad dream, replace with good dream".
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probably but Luna who had Celestia powers specefied she could not go into the dream to help celestia so that kind of invalid the possibility by much.
Only Luna with Luna powers, or Celestia with Luna powers, one at a time, is able to enter into those dreams to deal with the issues.
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The real pony version of Freddy Krueger for real. Fire. (get it)
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Oh man Starlight needs an adult for sure!
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Any chance of letting me do a comic dub of this? :o
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Feel free to do it, dear.
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