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[S06E21] Accelero + Similo Duplexsis

"I'm not sure what you two imagine. But I don't think this spell can work like that..." - Starlight Glimmer

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(This will not include in Second World Vol.4)
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Too bad Cadance didn't learn this spell. Shining Armor could have a three way with his wife while still being 100% loyal!

Just a random thought, but if Cadence used the Accelero + Similo Duplexis spell when Shining Armor impregnated her, wouldn't that mean she would give birth to Flurry Heart twins?

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jajaja this make me so happy
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Accelero + Similo Duplexis = Speed Mirage?
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Screwing yourself much, Glimmy? :giggle:
Because I don't mind. :heart:
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Ahahahahaahahhahaha XD
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floofy butts owo/
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Starlight: Uhhh, I can explain.
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Nigel : ......
Mike : ......
Johnny : ......
Francis : ......
Me : ......

Five Nerds : (thinks the same) f***ing , right?
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Yeah, she'd probably do this. Fuckin' Starlight.
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Joey by TheNeoStrike  ................Jiraiya appoves 3 by TheNeoStrike  ...........Dayum by TheNeoStrike  
this does bring a questing is it masturbating or sex }3
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It could bel mastersex but it wouldn't make sense
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Now let mistress Twilight join...
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Whoa, that escalated quickly
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Twi and Spike's expressions are so hilarious they don't have to be completely visible.
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well that not what I meant when I said starlight could go F*ck herself
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