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[S05E18] Crusaders of the Lost Mark

"Sorry, Pipsqueak. But you're not fit to be a president."

MLP : S05E18

English Editor :

//Yeah! I finally have some free time to watch Crusaders of the Lost Mark episode. Took me so long to finally have chance to watch it. It so fun until i got some idea for a new one sort comic. And here the longest one page comic I ever made....Now I can finally rest in peace for a while. Zzzzz....
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KikiO3000's avatar
Pipsqueak noooooo!
Thundrs's avatar
bromanfourman's avatar
It's actually S:5 E:19 but you were close. Cx
Toonwatcher's avatar
Don’t crush Pipsqueak’s spirit, he’s so cute and British!
CycloneAire14's avatar
I am reading with her voice 😂
hero1211's avatar
she reminds me of Dawn bellwether after she reveals her self to be the villain
BlackGlacier's avatar
Huh. That is true... He did practically nothing besides stand there.
Shenronn's avatar
We need more active politicians especially after they get into office
PonyUpToday's avatar
Wow... harsh cruel and strangely amazing :D
WorldWalker128's avatar
Makes sense to me.
trinson's avatar
OMG!  Tear that poor little guy a new one hard.  So harsh.... so true!  ;P

Later on in years.  Silver grows to love her more assertive and aggressive attitude.  Pip grows to lover her more assertive and aggressive attitude.  Silver grows to love being more assertive and aggressive with submissive Pip.   And thus a SHIP sets sail.  ;P

I don't know what I am talking about anymore.  It's almost 5am and I been up since 9am the morning before.  I should really think about sleeping.  :D
MissWellert's avatar
Okay, now thanks to you, I have a new OTP :D XD
cinabunbun's avatar
Apple bloom jumping : APPLES APPLES APPLES!

Applejack (Cute smile) :THATS MA SISTER RIGHT DERE
KawaiiMichie's avatar
Poor Pipsqueak.. >.<;
MoppyJustice's avatar
Whoa sliver spoon! That's not nice! He tried hard to be popular and you just ruin it for him! D:<

Mashra: wow, totally not nice at all.

sarah: I, for one, agree.

Dadnity: yep, not nice, he did tried hard to be popular.

Javioer: yep and you ruin it for him at all.
Dragon101k's avatar
I think Scootaloo has dat wingbooner...
Bubblegumdove's avatar
Amen. Super mega amen to all of what spoon just said.
LaserPewPewRBLX's avatar
Apparently Pipsqueak cries milk.  I always wondered if he was related to cows and now I know.
penguin04's avatar
The sad part is it's true
MustLoveFrogs's avatar
I love your Silvy!  :D
Monkeyrofl901's avatar
Pretty easy to love when she's not poking you in the arse with a stick, huh?
samuraivalerie's avatar
... i feel sorry for pip right now. and whats worse, Spoon is right.
BBBHuey's avatar
No she isn't. Despite what Spoon says, the new playground was all Pip's idea.

And he was only president for a day. He had less time to do anything wrong and plenty of time to find ways on how to raise the funds.
samuraivalerie's avatar
and what did he come up with?
... < T_T >
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