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[S05E01] Cutie Map Part 1

It will never equal....

MLP : S05E01

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I'm pretty sure that episode was poking fun at communism but whatever
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hah its funny cuz she never had a cutie mark when she came! so fillies will be like AWW MY MOM HAS A CUTIE MARK AND I DONT WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH and then it will cause arguing and doubting

Okay the s team is coming which is made from a digimon tamer a vampire that can turn to shadow and a human which is half Phoenix don't ask how
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i'm over here
doing something that i don't even know is
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just learn a talent and then will it be taken away
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I thought I saw multiple foals without their cutie mark.
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To fail is to excel
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Young one, do not speak up. You do not have the right. Embrace Equality, and happiness will follow. This is all you need to know.
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Spoken like a true politician.
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Silly filly. You can't get an equality cutie mark until you have a real cutie mark for her to take in the first place.
Don't worry. At the suitable age, you will be given your equality mark. It is essential that you discover your own equality; were it simply handed to you for free, it would mean nothing.
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please tell me when part 2 is done.
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Twilight has officially gone mad with power... 
ArrowGriffon's avatar
That is not Twilight, that is the new villain in the newest episode.
hunterhunter40's avatar
Oh my god...... The signs were present from the beginning......  

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How would 'Equality' work on Derpy? If there is a Pony that 'travels by the beat of her own drum' its Derpy.
The-Syreth-Clan's avatar
She'd be a pretty likable character.
Wolf-Rizer's avatar
Still not equal! There's still boys and girls,  right? And what about the gender ratio there?
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Don't forget some can fly and other can use magic, while others just walk around!
Where's the equality in that?
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