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[S04E24] Equestria Games

It is not easy to be a hero....

MLP : S04E24

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Yeetnoodlewrites's avatar
Spike: my flightless ability is a dissapointment
Megatyrant's avatar
Yo, Spike... you alright?
morion87's avatar
I never did like this episode in season 4, so I can't stop laughing.
PonyUpToday's avatar
Twilight Sparkle (yes) plz  But Spike can't fly...
Princess Cadence Hair Style But you can...
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Frustrated Upset Slam Oh ya! (celestia damn it)
Princess Celetia does not approve What was that Twilight?!
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Crazy Insane Loony Oh F***
Nightmare Moon grin Nice of you to join me on the moon :D
ParadoxalOrder's avatar
All I can think of when I see spike jumping off each pony here is "boink, boink, boink," like he's some sort of super ball or pinball. XD
KawaiiMichie's avatar
ParadoxalOrder's avatar
This actually makes some sense. XD Poor Spike, even fans abuse him abit. ^^;
*grabs bat hits spikes foot walks out * that's for something you did later
19111995's avatar
Reminds me of Friendship is Witchcraft. Spike falls of Golden Oak Library and breaks his legs.
Omega-Warior's avatar
To be honest, from the way his friends treat him, he'd either be in traction permanently, or invulnerable!
GJTProductions's avatar
:iconprincesstwilightplz: "Dragons ARE supposed to be rather tough..."
SnowflakeThePony337's avatar
you couldve used magic, ya know....
Omega-Warior's avatar
Except, they couldn't. Anti-magic gate on the way into the stadium, remember?
SnowflakeThePony337's avatar
right.... forgot about that and I didn't realize that the alicorns had to go through there too.....
Omega-Warior's avatar
To be honest, I've NO idea if they sent the princesses through, but I imagine that they did it as a show of faith.
Tyraka628's avatar
Aw man! I LOVE this comic so much!!
As what the Friendship is Witchcraft said, "No one likes Spike"
kwendynew's avatar
You really need to see whole show from the very beginning with that thought in mind.
EcliptorCalrissian's avatar
This is the sorta thing I laugh at and feel bad about laughing at. Poor Spikey-Wikey.

In the immortal words of The Tick, gravity is a harsh mistress.
Paulicus1's avatar
Funny! Spike's line in the last panel doesn't make sense, though. It should probably be either:

"I hate being a hero!"


"I just had to be a hero." <-- more sarcastic.

Good work! I particularly like Twilight's emotions :)
DragonTurtle2's avatar
I concur, thank you for pointing that out already.
LoneLion97's avatar
Well that's a twist
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